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Innovation Doesn't Slump

Bob Rhubart
Community Manager, Oracle Groundbreakers Team

Last spring, back when getting through the front page of the Wall Street Journal didn't require a handful of powerful tranquilizers, I wrote a post about the importance of innovation in an unforgivably competitive business environment. These days, with the Magic Economic Eight Ball offering tepid prognostications that range from "Reply hazy, try again" to "Better not tell you now," does innovation still matter?  Ask Insight-Driven Retailing blogger David Dorf: 

What will separate the growing companies from the stagnant ones will be the rate at which they can implement new ideas and be noticed by customers. The best retailers will be trying many new ideas knowing that only a few will succeed. Innovation is about trail and error, risk and reward. And its incumbent on the CIOs to enable this rate of change, which is no easy task.

David is right, of course. But I suspect that CIOs will have no choice but to enable change because change -- wild, sweeping, unpredictable change -- will continue to be the defining characteristic of the environment in which all businesses operate. Innovation -- adapting to change, or better yet, driving change -- is a survival skill that no business, and no IT professional, can afford to squander.


Read David's post: The Need for Retail Innovation (Insight-Driven Retailing Blog)


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