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How about "Governance time?"

Bob Rhubart
Community Manager, Oracle Groundbreakers Team

In his Real World SOA post, Defining SOA Governance, Dave Linthicum observes that within the broader topic of SOA governance, "there are really two flavors emerging: Design time and runtime."

"It's important to understand the differences," Dave writes, "and that you may indeed need two SOA governance products, at the end of the day."

Flavors of SOA governance? It's an interesting observation, and more than a little scary. The implication is that design time and runtime are different approaches to SOA governance. That makes as much sense as saying that inhaling and exhaling are different approaches to breathing.

Design time and runtime describe two broad categories of the interconnected, interdependent actors, actions, and assets that comprise the entire SOA service life cycle. Those actions in particular are points on a continuum. Effective SOA governance must address and connect each of those points across the entire continuum.  Anything less and the SOA will eventually run off the rails.

While the overall focus of SOA governance should be fixed on the ENTIRE life cycle, the various actors, actions, and assets involved at each point on the life cycle continuum will require tools that address the specific needs of each -- without disconnecting or isolating them from the SOA ecosystem. Do different points require different tools? Of course! But if you think SOA governance is a matter of having one tool for design time, and one tool for runtime, you'll soon be learning a lot more about "cleaning out your desk time" and "security escort time." 

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