Break New Ground

Four New Oracle Cloud Native Services in General Availability

Akshai Parthasarathy
Product Marketing

This post was jointly written by Product Management and Product Marketing for Oracle Cloud Native Services. 

To those who participated in the Cloud Native Services Limited Availability Program, thank you from the team! We have an important update: four more Cloud Native Services have just gone into General Availability.

Resource Manager for DevOps and Infrastructure as Code

Resource Manager is a fully managed service that uses open source HashiCorp Terraform to provision, update, and destroy Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources at-scale. Resource Manager integrates seamlessly with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to improve team collaboration and enable DevOps. It can be useful for repetitive deployment tasks such as replicating similar architectures across Availability Domains or large numbers of hosts. You can learn more about Resource Manager through this blog post.

Streaming for Event-based Architectures

Streaming Service provides a “pipe” to flow large volumes of data from producers to consumers. Streaming is a fully managed service with scalable and durable storage for ingesting large volumes of continuous data via a publish-subscribe (pub-sub) model. There are many use cases for Streaming: gathering data from mobile and IoT devices for real-time analytics, shipping logs from infrastructure and applications to an object store, and tracking current financial information to trigger stock transactions, to name a few. Streaming is accessible via the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console, SDKs, CLI, and REST API, and provides Terraform integrat