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Build and Deploy Node.js Microservice on Docker using Oracle Developer Cloud

This is the first blog in the series to come, which will help you understand, how you can build a NodeJS REST microservice application Docker image and push it...


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure CLI on Developer Cloud

With our May 2018 release of Oracle Developer Cloud, we have integrated Oracle Cloud Infrastructure command line interface (from here on, will be using OCIcli...


Oracle Developer Cloud - New Continuous Integration Engine Deep Dive

We introduced our new Build Engine in Oracle Developer Cloud in our April release. This new build engine now comes with the capability to define build pipelines...


Build Oracle Cloud Infrastructure custom Images with Packer on Oracle Developer Cloud

In the April release of Oracle Developer Cloud Service we started supporting Docker and HashiCorp Terraform builds as part of the CI & CD pipeline.  HashiCorp...


Infrastructure as Code using Terraform on Oracle Developer Cloud

With our April release, we have started supporting HashiCorp Terraform builds in Oracle Developer Cloud. This blog will help you understand how you can use...


Developer Cloud Service May Release Adds K8S, OCI, Code Editing and More

Just a month after the recent release of Oracle Developer Cloud Service - that added support for pipelines, Docker, and Terraform - we are happy to announce...

Containers, Microservices, APIs

Oracle Adds New Support for Open Serverless Standards to Fn Project and Key Kubernetes Features to Oracle Container Engine

li {line-height:1.7em;} Open serverless project Fn adds support for broader serverless standardization with CNCF CloudEvents, serverless framework support, and...


JavaOne Event Expands with More Tracks, Languages and Communities – and New Name

The JavaOne conference is expanding to create a new, bigger event that’s inclusive to more languages, technologies and developer communities. Expect more talks...


Introducing Build Pipeline in Oracle Developer Cloud

With our current release we are introducing a new build engine in Oracle Developer Cloud. The new build engine also comes with a new enhanced functionality and...