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Create an Application in PCS

Process Cloud Service is a cloud-based software development Platform as a
Service (PaaS) that provides a hosted environment for your process
applications. It provides a solution, in the spirit of Business Process
Management (BPM) but simplified for wider use, for collaborative development,
deployment, administration, and use of process applications within Oracle

Process Cloud Service has two environments:

  • Workspace,
    where you use and monitor process applications, and Composer, where you develop
    and test them. The key features of Oracle Process Cloud Service Workspace

end-user interfaces for desktop computers and mobile devices

dashboards, tracking, and troubleshooting for process monitoring

visibility and control

collaboration across widely dispersed teams

  • The
    key features of Oracle Process Cloud Service Composer include:

of highly variant and company-specific processes, such as employee on-boarding

graphical tools for designing processes, rules, forms, data, and metrics

environments for refining processes before production deployment

collaboration across widely dispersed teams

Create application

  • Login to PCS Composer
  • Click
    New Application to create a new

  • Enter
    app Name, i.e TimeOff
  • Enter
    a description for the app, i.e
    Approve time off for vacation
  • Select
    the space where the app to be
    created if not already selected, i.e SpaceAlpha
  • Click

  • If
    Open application now remains
    selected the app home page is what you’ll see next:

  • You are in Viewing mode, to make changes to the
    app click edit icon
  • This
    is Editing mode (here you can Save,
    Publish or Stop Editing and Discard Changes):

  • Click
    your process with a web form

  • Enter
    Process Name, i.e. Enter Time
  • Complete
    process Description, i.e. Enter
    Vacation Time
  • Click Create

  • Process
    home page will be displayed:

  • Click
    Save from time to time.

  • Drag
    the Human task from the right side
    after the Start.

  • Click
    on the Start icon to edit the web form.

  • Click
    on Implementation
  • Complete
    the Name of the visible label a user
    selects to begin the process, i.e Enter Vacation Time
  • Click
    Apply Changes

  • Click
    Plus icon to add Web Form details
  • Enter
    the Name of the web form, i.e.
  • Click

  • Click
    the edit icon

  • Here
    in the right side we can drag and drop the elements of the form.

  • Drag two Text fields
    from the palette and name them First Name and Last Name

  • Drag two Data fields
    from the palette and name them Start Date and End Date
  • Click Properties tab
    from the left menu
  • Click Styles tab from
  • Select half of the
    boxes for the Width
  • Repeat for both of the
    Date fields

  • Save the changes
  • Click the x to close
    the tab

  • Click the Submit task edit button
  • Click Implementation

  • Complete Title, i.e. Submit Vacation
  • Complete Description, i.e. Submit the vacation
  • You can add Due Date interval like i.e. 5d
  • Priority, i.e. Normal
  • Asignee(s), i.e any member of current swimlane role or
    click edit to add users, roles, groups
  • Click Apply Changes

  • Complete how to display
    the info, i.e. Web Form, click + icon, i.e. VacationRequest
  • Click Create

  • Click Web Form edit
  • Drag the Message field from the left palette and
    complete the Message value, i.e. The
    vacation has been approved

Add Documentation to a process

  • Click the Submit task edit button
  • Click Documentation

  • Enter
    a description of the task, or anything to document the task, i.e.
    Verify the
    vacation days.

  • Click Business Properties
  • Click Links
  • Click the plus icon
  • Enter
    Name, i.e. Approve vacation
  • Enter
    URL, i.e. ttp://approvevaction.com
  • Select
  • Click OK

  • In the left pane, click
    Issues, and then click Add.

  • In
    the Add Issue
    dialog box, enter or select the following values, and then click OK:

· Test issue.

· Severity:

· Priority:

· Status:
Not Addressed

  • Click

  • In the left pane, click Comments, and then
    click Add.
  • Complete the Comment field, i.e Test Commnent
  • Click OK

  • Save the changes.
  • Click Publish icon , so that developers that share the space can
    see the changes you’ve made to the app.

  • Enter
    Comment, i.e. v1
  • Click Publish

  • Click
    the name of the space created, i.e. SpaceAplpha, to see the app

  • Click
    hamburger icon to release lock for
    the app
  • Choose
    Unlock application

  • If
    you haven’t saved changes you’ll get a save changes message, you can save and
    then publish

  • Click Yes
  • If
    you choose to close an app without saving changes, you’ll get a message and you
    can check the Release Lock checkbox
    and Publish

  • Click
    Test application
  • Click
    Play to add users that can play the

  • Specify the users, groups you
    want to play the app, i.e. jstein
  • Click Add Mapping

  • Click
    Test application
  • Click
  • Click

  • The link provided will be used to test
    the application.

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