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Botox-ing the OTN Homepage

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You may have noticed some relatively minor yet important changes to the OTN homepage and navigation this morning. To summarize:

1. Usability research tells us that many users were overwhelmed by the number of links/amount of content on the page. Thus, we have removed the links that we know most people do not use on a daily basis.

2. Segmentation research tells us that "beginners" (and everyone is a "beginner" in one subject or another) are a growing percentage of the visiting population. So, we've added new "Getting Started" content for anyone interested in learning about core DBA tasks, or Java, or BPEL, or PHP (and other subjects).

3. Interested in what other people are bookmarking on OTN? We've added links to OTN's del.icio.us tag pages.

4. Finally, more and more of you are asking for information about integrating an Oracle back-end with a MSFT Office front-end. Hence the new Office Interoperability Center.

I hope you like the improvements. If not, I'd appreciate your comments...

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Comments ( 1 )
  • abhi Wednesday, March 15, 2006
    Hey Justin,
    I like the fact that you have put up everything on one page. Till now, I used to access Tom Kyte's blog, now I shall start to take a look at other blogs as well.
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