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Thanks, AppsLab Jake, for the game of blog-tag! (This is now my second game of blog-tag; my first was courtesy of Jeff Pulver but as Jake points out, this is the first version intended for the Oracle blogosphere. Great idea.)

So, eight things you don't know about me (apologies to those who already know them or who read the previous tag post):

1. I am a law school dropout (U. of San Diego). Maybe it was the culture shock of moving directly from Berkeley to a Catholic school in San Diego, maybe not. Either way, it was the best thing I ever did.

2. My godfather was the late Sir Peter Medawar, a Nobel Prize winner in medicine. I don't know why, exactly.

3. My father, born in Budapest, was an anti-Nazi partisan in Yugoslavia during WWII, and later served as a translator at the Nuremberg Trials. He wrote a book (among others) called "The Art of Seduction."

4. I'm a Clash City Rocker. "The Only Band That Matters."

5. I'm a cat person. My cat died last year and I wept uncontrollably for a week.

6. My high school job was flippin' burgers and rollin' "tacoburritos" at Tomasito's in Laguna Beach, Calif. (now a Starbucks, what else?)

7. My mom used to own a lavender farm. (Really.)

8. I have a recurring dream in which although at my present age, I am back in high school or college and have learned that I have missed several lectures and exams in a course in which I didn't know I was enrolled. This has something to do with the blogosphere firehose, I think.

As for my round of blog-tagging, I'm not quite as ambitious as Jake; I'm going to blog-tag a single person: Andrew Clarke, you're it.

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