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Autonomous Database Just Got Better for Developers

Manish Kapur, and David Peake

We are proud to announce that Oracle Autonomous Database now includes Oracle APEX 19.2. Oracle APEX is the market-leading low-code development platform for rapidly building opportunistic and productivity applications. Oracle APEX includes all of the capabilities and infrastructure required to build apps, such as native database integration, session state management, responsive design, accessibility, security, and more so that developers can concentrate on solving business problems instead of hand-crafting large amounts of code.

Oracle Autonomous Database is a fully managed, secure, scalable, and optimized cloud service that can be provisioned in minutes. For new initiatives, developers can easily sign up for Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP), configure their APEX environment, and start developing in under 5 minutes. No waiting for DBAs to procure a new server, install software, or configure the required environments.

Oracle APEX 19.2, introduces a number of cool features that improve developer productivity and increase out-of-the-box capabilities. These include:

  • Completely redesigned Popup List of Values (LOV) allowing multiple columns;
  • Extended declarative capabilities with Shared LOVs;
  • Brand new Team Development to make collaboration simpler and easier; and
  • Ability to drag and drop a spreadsheet, JSON or XML file into an existing table.

By far the biggest new feature in Oracle APEX 19.2 is Faceted Search. Faceted searches allow end-users to narrow down large datasets to a more manageable size by simply selecting different criteria. Many commercial web sites include faceted search interfaces; however, they are generally very difficult to build, are inflexible, and even harder to maintain. Oracle APEX 19.2 enables the easy creation of faceted search reports on any dataset, which can be maintained declaratively.



For more details on the great new features introduced in Oracle APEX 19.2 review the full announcement.

Using Oracle APEX 19.2 on Oracle Autonomous Database, developers can build even better applications faster. This fully managed cloud service and low-code development platform enables developers across a wide skill set to concentrate on solving business problems and quickly delivering enterprise-scale solutions.


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Comments ( 1 )
  • andreml Friday, March 27, 2020
    Is this really a wise decision?
    I'm asking that, because 20.1 version is just around the corner.
    As far as I remember it was said that the latest version should now always be available at the latest 14 days after the introduction in the ADB.
    Wouldn't it have been better to wait a little longer, after all it has taken a long time to get an upgrade?
    Not to mention the numerous rough edges that are still present in 19.2 and (possibly) fixed in 20.1.
    So why this somehow rash decision?
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