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ArchBeat Link-o-Rama for 10-24-2012

Bob Rhubart
Community Manager, Oracle Groundbreakers Team
  • Play Oracle Vanquisher

    Here's a little respite from whatever it is you normally spend your time on. Oracle Vanquisher is an online diversion that makes a game of data center optimization. According to the description: "Armed with a cool Oracle vacuum pack suit and a strategic IT roadmap, you will thwart threats and optimize your data center to increase your company’s stock price and boost your company's position." Mainly you avoid electric shock and killer birds. The current high score belongs to someone identified as "TEN."

    My score? Never mind.
  • Book: DevOps for Developers | The Java Source

    The subject of DevOps has come up in a couple of recent OTN ArchBeat Podcasts, so it's somewhat serendipitous that Tori Wieldt's recent blog post offers an overview of Java Champion Michael Hutterman's new book, DevOps for Developers, now available from Apress.
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) : Context is everything… | The ORACLE-BASE Blog

    BOYD is a factor in the evolution of IT, but in what context? "The real IT work in companies is still being done on PCs," says Oracle ACE Director Tim Hall. "Yes, you can use a cloud service on your phone, but look around the office and you will see those cloud services are actually being used by people on PCs."
  • Oracle in the Cloud: Oracle EBusiness Suite sizing | Tom Laszewski

    Cloud expert Tom Laszewski shares several technical resources that will be helpful for sizing of Oracle EBusiness Suite.
  • Setting Up, Configuring, and Using an Oracle WebLogic Server Cluster

    Author and expert Yuli Vasiliev shows you how take advantage of multiple Oracle WebLogic Server instances grouped into a cluster to maximize scalability and availability.
  • Webcast: Reduce Costs with Oracle's Database Storage Management

    Watch this! Join Oracle experts Kevin Jernigan and Margaret Hamburger for an interactive webcast in which you'll learn how Oracle's Database Storage Management can reduce storage costs and management complexity while improving query performance to meet service-level agreements and compliance requirements.

    Event Date: Tuesday, November 6, 2012
    Event Time: 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET

Thought for the Day

"Most software today is very much like an Egyptian pyramid with millions of bricks piled on top of each other, with no structural integrity, but just done by brute force and thousands of slaves."

Alan Kay

Source: softwarequotes.com

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