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API Management for Cloud Native Development

Robert Wunderlich
Product Strategy Director


We are pleased to announce the limited availability (LA) of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure API Gateway service.


Screenshot of API Gateway list in OCI

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This service is a highly available, fully managed gateway that enables developers to create governed HTTP/S interfaces for other services, including Oracle Functions, Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes, and OCI Compute.


The Oracle API Gateway service supports the delivery of APIs declaratively, as specified in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s definition of cloud native. In addition, this service provides support for the API Gateway pattern in a microservices context.


Cloud Native API Management Platform


Oracle API Gateway offers the following features:

  • HTTPS endpoint for Oracle Functions, which provides you the ability to write Oracle Functions and provide access to your users via RESTful API
  • RESTful APIs for any other HTTPS backends you develop on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Resource server for AuthN/AuthZ leveraging functions to use any authorization server
  • Rate-limiting to protect your back-ends from spikes in volume
  • Interface Filtering to protect your back-ends from unintended requests
  • Logging to allow you to monitor your services using OCI common logging features


Common Use Cases

  • Expose Oracle Functions as APIs.  Your Oracle Functions can be accessed by applications built on OCI and distributed applications on other clouds via RESTful APIs served by Oracle API Gateway.  Using the gateway, you can provide an OAuth2 authenticated RESTful API for an Oracle Function.
  • APIs for your other applications.  Running workloads on Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes, Compute or other deployments, you can centrally manage access for your clients through Oracle API Gateway
  • Extending your DMZ.  Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and FastConnect, you can provide RESTful APIs for your on-prem services and offload the policy enforcements to Oracle Cloud vs. managing on your own infrastructure


Getting Started

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure API Gateway is in limited availability.  If you are interested in learning more about how you can get access, register your interest in our program.  To learn more about all of our services for cloud native development, visit us at oracle.com/cloud-native/.


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