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  • October 2, 2017

Announcing Oracle Container Engine and Oracle Container Registry Service

Today at Oracle OpenWorld, we announced early adopter availability of the Oracle Container Native Application Development platform – a big step forward for developers and DevOps teams who are building, deploying and operating container native microservices and serverless applications. 

Key foundational pieces of this platform are the Oracle Container Engine and the Oracle Container Registry Service – a managed Kubernetes and Docker registry service respectively. 

As we discussed in a recent post, Kubernetes has taken the developer and DevOps world by storm, providing the de facto container orchestration layer for managing containers at scale in a significant number of enterprises, as they look to an open Kubernetes to avoid lock-in, and further their hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud goals. 

Like the Container Native applications that our customers themselves are building, the Kubernetes community itself is extremely agile and innovative.  With close to 1400 contributors at time of writing, Kubernetes has averaged a new (minor) release around every 3 months or so.  While customers want to embrace and take advantage of these innovations for their applications quickly, it can be a challenge to upgrade and maintain their Kubernetes environments to be able to take advantage of them.  Getting networking and storage fully integrated and working, and putting in place the right security permissions to control team access to clusters can also be challenging, as demonstrated by a recent survey from the CNCF. 


Common Challenges When Deploying Containers (Source) 

Furthermore, developer and DevOps teams are not looking at Kubernetes in isolation – they are looking for full container lifecycle management and integration, from building software, testing, deploying and operating in production. 

Previously, we announced the availability of the Terraform Kubernetes Installer, an open source toolkit for customers to rapidly stand up their own Kubernetes cluster on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. 

Now we've taken that a step further with the managed Kubernetes service - combining the production grade container orchestration of standard upstream Kubernetes, the control, security and high predictable performance of Oracle’s next generation OCI cloud infrastructure, and the significant operational savings of a managed service – where we maintain and update the Kubernetes infrastructure for you.


Oracle Container Engine 

In conjunction with the managed Kubernetes service, we are also announcing a managed registry service.  This new container registry is Docker v2 API compliant and provides a private registry service for users, that is tightly integrated with Oracle Container Pipelines and Container Engine for developers looking for seamless and integrated end-to-end container lifecycle management.  Users have the ability to view images that are stored in their registry in the UI, plus utilize these images in their build workflows and pipelines.  Users can also connect to the registry directly using the traditional Docker CLI. 

This is the latest in a series of developer focused announcements with much more to come!  The free community edition of Wercker and early adopter access to the Oracle Container Native Application Development Platform is available at www.wercker.com.

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