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Announcing Open Source Jenkins Plugin for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Bruno Borges
Principal Product Manager, Developer Engagement

Jenkins is a continuous integration and continuous delivery application that you can use to build and test your software projects continuously. Jenkins OCI Plugin is now available on Github and it allows users to access and manage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources from Jenkins. A Jenkins master instance with Jenkins OCI Plugin can spin up slaves (Instances) on demand within the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and remove the slaves automatically once the Job completes.

After installing Jenkins OCI Plugin, you can add a OCI Cloud option and a Template with the desired Shape, Image, Domain, etc. The Template will have a Label that you can use in your Jenkins Job. Multiple Templates are supported. The Template options include Labels, Domains, Credentials, Shapes, Images, Slave Limits, and Timeouts.

Below you will find instructions for building and installing the plugin, which is available on GitHub: github.com/oracle/jenkins-oci-plugin

Installing the Jenkins OCI Plugin

The following section covers compiling and installing the Jenkins OCI Plugin.

Plugins required:

  • credentials v2.1.14 or later
  • ssh-slaves v1.6 or later
  • ssh-credentials v1.13 or later

Compile and install OCI Java SDK:

Refer to OCI Java SDK issue 25. Tested with Maven versions 3.3.9 and 3.5.0.

Step 1 – Download plugin

$ git clone https://github.com/oracle/oci-java-sdk
$ cd oci-java-sdk
$ mvn compile install

Step 2 – Compile the Plugin hpi file

$ git clone https://github.com/oracle/jenkins-oci-plugin
$ cd jenkins-oci-plugin
$ mvn compile hpi:hpi

Step 3 – Install hpi

  • Option 1 – Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins > Click the Advanced tab > Upload Plugin section, click Choose File > Click Upload

  • Option 2 – Copy the downloaded .hpi file into the JENKINS_HOME/plugins directory on the Jenkins master

Restart Jenkins and “OCI Plugin” will be visible in the Installed section of Manage Plugins.

For more information on configuring the Jenkins Plugin for OCI, please refer to the documentation on the GitHub project. And if you have any issues or questions, please feel free to contact the development team by submitting through the Issues tab.

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