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Padmini Murthy
Director, Product Marketing

Code One - It’s Here!

We’re just a few days away from Oracle’s biggest conference for Developers that’s now known as Code One. Java One morphed into Code One to extend support for more developer ecosystems - languages, open-source projects, and cloud-native foundations. So, first, the plugs - if you’d like to be a part of the Oracle Code One movement and have not already registered, you can still do it. You can get lost, yes! It’s a large conference with lots of sessions and other moving parts. But we’ve tried to make things simple for you here to plan your calendar. Look through these to find the right tracks and session types for you. 

There are some exciting keynotes you don’t want to miss - The Future of Java, the Power of Open Source, and Building Next-Gen Could Native Apps using Emerging Tech, the Ground Breaker Code Avenger sessions, and Fireside chats! And now for the fun stuff, cause our conference is not complete without that - there’s the Cloud Fest! Get ready to be up all night with Beck; Portugal; the Man; and the Bleachers. And if you are up, get your nerdy kids to the code camp over the weekend. It’s Oracle Code for Kids time inspiring the next generation of developers!

The prelude to Code One wouldn’t be complete without talking about the Groundbreaker’s Hub. A few things that you HAVE to check out are: the Blockchain Beer - Try beers that were mixed using Blockchain technology that enabled the microbrewery to accurately estimate the correct combination of raw materials to create different types of beer. Then vote for your favorite beer on our mobile app - it’s pretty cool! Experience the bullet time photo booth, the chatbot with pepper, code card ( IoT card that you can program using Fn project serverless technologies. It will have a wifi embedded chip, e-link screen, and a few fun buttons). Catch all the hub action if you're there!

The Tech that Matters to Developers: Powerful APIs

We’ve talked about a lot of tech here, but there are a few things that are closer to the developer’s heart! Things that make their life more straightforward, and stuff that they use on an every hour basis. And one such technology is API. I am not going to explain what APIs are because if you are a developer, you know this. APIs are a mechanism that help to dial down on the heavy duty code and add powerful functionality to a website, app, or platform, without extensive coding, and only including the API code - there I said it.

But even for developers, it is essential to understand the system of engagement around designing and maintaining sound and healthy APIs. The cleaner the API, the better the associated user experience and performance of the app or platform in contention. Since APIs are reusable, it is essential to understand what goes into making the API an excellent one. And different types of APIs require a different type of love. 

API Strategy with Business Outcomes

First, there is a class of APIs that are powering the chatbots, and the digital experience of customers and the UX becomes one of the most significant driving factors. Second, APIs help to monetize existing data and assets. Here’s where there are organizations with API as a product and dealing with performance, scale, policy and governance around them so that the consumers have an API 360 experience. 

Third and fourth - APIs are used for operational efficiency and cost savings, and they are also used for creating exchange/app systems like the app stores!  So now, taking these four areas and establishing a business outcome is critical to driving the API strategy. And the API strategy entails good design as you’ll hear in Robert’s podcast below.

Design Matters Podcast by Robert Wunderlich

Beyond Design - Detailing the API Lifecycle

Once you have followed the principles of good API Design and established the documentation based on the business outcome, it then literally comes to the lifecycle management - the building, deployment, governance, and then managing them for scale and performance, and looping back the analytics to deliver the right expected experience. And then on the other side, there is the consumption, where developers now should be able to discover these APIs and start using them. 

And then there’s the Oracle way with APIs. Vikas Anand, VP of Product Management for SOA, Integration, and API Cloud tells how this happens.

API 360 Podcast by Vikas Anand

API Action at Code One

A lot is happening there! Hear from the customers directly on how Oracle’s API Cloud has helped to design and manage world-class APIs. Here are a few do-not-miss sessions, but you can always visit the Oracle Code page to discover more. See you there!

How Rabobank is using APICS to Achieve API Success

How RTD Connexions and Graco are using the API Success

How Ikea is using APICS to Achieve API Success 

Keynote: AI Powered Autonomous Integration Cloud and API Cloud Service

API Evolution Challenges by NFL

Evolutionary Tales of API by NFL

Vector API for Java by Netflix

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