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  • October 24, 2018

All Things Developer at Oracle Code One - Day 2

Padmini Murthy
Director, Product Marketing

Live from Oracle Code One - Day Two

There was tons of action today at Oracle Code One. From Zip labs and challenges to an all-women developer community breakfast,  and the Duke Choice awards, to the Oracle Code keynotes and the debut Groundbreaker awards, it was all happening at Code One. Pepper was quite busy, and so was the blockchain beer bar!

Zip Labs, Zip Lab Challenges and Hands-on Labs

Zip labs are running all four days. So, if you want to dabble with the Oracle Cloud, or learn how you can provision the various services, go up to the second floor on Moscone West and sign-up for our cloud.

You can sign-in for a 15-minute lab challenge on Oracle Cloud content and see your name on the leaderboard as the person to beat. Choose from labs including Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing, and Virtual Machines.

Lots of ongoing hands-on labs everyday but the Container Native labs today were quite a hit.

Oracle Women's Leadership Developer Community Breakfast

A breakfast this morning with several women developers from across the globe. It was quite insightful to learn about their life and experiences in code.

The Duke Choice Awards and Groundbreaker Live Interviews

Georges Saab announced the Duke Choice Award winners at Code One today. 

Some exciting Groundbreaker live interviews:

Jim Grisanzio and Gerald Venzl talk about Oracle Autonomous Database

Bob Rubhart, Ashley Sullivan and the Design Tech Students discuss the Vida Cam Project

The Oracle Code One Keynotes and Groundbreaker Awards in Pictures

Building Next-Gen Cloud Native Apps with Embedded Intelligence, Chatbots, and Containers: Amit Zavery, EVP, PaaS Development, Oracle talks about how developers can leverage the power of the Oracle Cloud.

Making Cloud Native Computing Universal and Sustainably Harnessing the Power of Open Source: Dee Kumar, VP of CNCF congratulates Oracle on becoming Platinum members.



Building for the Cloud: Matt Thompson, Developer Engagement and Evangelism, Oracle Cloud Platform talks about how a cloud works best - when it is open, secure, and all things productive for the developer. 




Demos: Serverless, Chatbots, Blockchain...


Manish Kapur, Director of Product Management for Cloud Platform showed a cool demo of a new serverless/microservices based cloud architecture for selling and buying a car.



Matt Baldwin talked about the DNA of Blockchain and how it is used in the context of selling and buying a car.



And the Oracle Code One Groundbreaker Awards go to:


Stephen Chin, Director of Developer Community, announces the debut Groundbreaker awards and moderates a star panel with the winners.



We had more than 200K viewers of this panel on the Oracle Code One Twitter live stream today! There were lots of interesting and diverse questions for the panel from the Oracle Groundbreaker Twitter channel. For more information on Oracle Groundbreakers, click here. And now, moving on to  Day 3 of Code One!


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