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Sad Puppy Some of us old-timers remember when Solaris was the "new OS." Those were the good old days! Battles over BSD versus System V raged. There was even one firebrand down here in San Diego who tried to promote a "Death to Solaris" campaign. But, I digress... In reality, the current Oracle Solaris 10 has been in production for a long time. Oracle Solaris 11 is on the horizon and the Express 2010.11 release is already available for testing. The good news:

  • Most Oracle Solaris 10 applications will run "as is" on Oracle Solaris 11
  • Those applications that rely on Oracle Solaris 10 features that are not supported in Oracle Solaris 11 will run in an Oracle Solaris 10 virtual environment (Oracle Solaris 10 Containers)

However, it is time to get serious about making sure your code works optimally under the new OS. To that end, we are trying to grease the skids by publishing a very informative 34-page
Oracle Solaris 11 ISV Adoption Guide. Although targeted at ISVs, I think there is something for everyone here: a very concise what's new/what's changed.

Funny how Solaris didn't die. It just got better.


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