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ACE Program Members Deliver Sessions at Collaborate 2019 in San Antonio

Bob Rhubart
Community Manager, Oracle Groundbreakers Team

A small army of experts will present more than 1000 sessions at Collaborate 2019, April 7-11, 2019 in San Antonio, TX, (the home of the historic Alamo). As the list below shows, members of the Oracle ACE Program are well represented among those delivering sessions. Each of the listed session titles links to specific time, date, and location information. That should help as you're putting together your agenda for the event.

Collaborate 2019
April 7-11, 2019
Henry B. González Convention Center
San Antonio, TX USA

Presenter Session Date

Oracle ACE Ahmed Aboulnaga
Ahmed Aboulnaga

Compute Cloud Performance Showdown: Oracle, AWS, IBM, Google, Azure 4/10/2019

Oracle ACE Ahmed Alomari
Ahmed Alomari

Taming the OACore JVM 4/10/2019
Applications Database Tuning Panel 4/8/2019

Oracle ACE Director Erik Benner
Erik Benner

18c - AI Performance in Oracle Cloud - Gold Standards for Autonomous Data Warehouse and OLTP Workloads 4/8/2019
Oracle Database 19c: Top 10 Features for Agile Development 4/9/2019
360 Degrees - Under the hood of AI on Oracle Autonomous Database 18c 4/9/2019

Oracle ACE Director Biju Thomas
Biju Thomas

Let's talk AI, ML, and DL 4/8/2019
Practical Usage of ORAchk and DBSAT for E-Business Suite Applications 4/9/2019
Eighteen (18) Database New Features you must See (c) 4/11/2019

Oracle ACE Bill Dunham
Bill Dunham

Workshop: EBS Upgrades StreetSmarts: A Guide to Executing Oracle EBS 12.2.x Upgrades 4/7/2019
To Cloud or Not to Cloud: That is the Question! 4/8/2019
OAUG Customizations & Alternatives Special Interest Group 4/9/2019
R12.2 Happy Hour - San Antonio Style! 4/9/2019
Flying Right Through the Clouds: Lifting and Shifting Oracle EBS On-Premise to MS Azure Cloud 4/10/2019
Let the Excitement Continue: Meet the New & Modern 12.2 EBS! 4/11/2019

Oracle ACE Chris Couture
Chris Couture

Developing a Cohesive User Experience 4/9/2019
What's Possible with PeopleSoft Chatbots 4/10/2019

Oracle ACE Director Dan Vlamis
Dan Vlamis

Getting from Answers/Dashboards to Data Visualization 4/9/2019
Smart Targeting Consumers: DX Marketing's Autonomous Data Warehousing Future 4/9/2019
Modern Machine Learning with Oracle Analytics Cloud and Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud 4/10/2019

Oracle ACE Associate Dayalan Punniyamoorthy
Dayalan Punniyamoorthy

Extract “Partial Data” from ASO Cube of Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud in a Readable Format 4/7/2019

Oracle ACE Director Francis Mignault
Francis Mignault

What Every DBA Needs to Know About Oracle Application Express 4/8/2019
Oracle Forms and Oracle Application Express: The Odd Couple 4/10/2019
Worlds Collide! APEX and Digital Assistants Revolutionize Your ERP Applications 4/11/2019

Oracle ACE Associate Fred Denis
Fred Denis

Lessons Learned in Exadata Patching (Including 18c and in the Cloud) 4/8/2019
Must-Have Free Scripts When Working With Exadata / GI / ASM / opatch 4/9/2019

Oracle ACE Director Gustavo Gonzzalez
Gustavo Gonzalez

Don’t Throw Away Your Discoverer investment. Revitalize Your Visualizations with Analytics Cloud 4/8/2019
OAUG Mobile SIG for Enterprises - Collaboration 4/9/2019
Tired of Apps Living in Chats 4/10/2019
Learn How to Unlock the Value of Your EBS Data for Free Running in Days! 4/10/2019

Oracle ACE Ilmar Kerm
Ilmar Kerm

Oracle Database Infrastructure as Code with Ansible 4/8/2019
Implementing Incremental Forever Strategy for Oracle Database Backups 4/9/2019

Oracle ACE Director Martin Klier
Martin Klier

YOUR Machine and MY Database - A Performing Relationship!? (2019 edition 4/10/2019
Oracle Core: Database I/O 4/10/2019

Oracle ACE Michael Barone
Michael Barone

OAUG: E-Business Suite Security SIG -- On-Premise and Cloud Security 4/11/2019

Oracle ACE Michael Messina
Michael Messina

MySQL 8 New Features, Updates and Changes 4/9/2019
MySQL Database Security 4/10/2019
The Oracle Database Security Assessment Tool: Know Your Security Risks 4/10/2019
Oracle Database Sharding - Architecture and Concepts 4/10/20

Oracle ACE Michel Schildmeier
Michel Schildmeijer

10 Things You Should Know about Oracle and Kubernetes 4/9/2019
Oracle ACE Monty Latiolais
Oracle ACE Monty Latiolais


Low Code, Low Cost Business Intelligence with Oracle APEX and Analytic Views 4/8/2019
How GM Financial Went from Zero to Sixty with E-Business Suite and Oracle Application Express (APEX) 4/10/2019
Oracle ACE Director Nelson Calero
Oracle ACE Director Nelson Calero


Practical Guide to Oracle Virtual environments 4/9/2019
Automate the Operation of Your Oracle Cloud infrastructure 4/10/2019

Oracle ACE Director Osama Mustafa
Osama Mustafa

Best Practices for Virtualizing Oracle RAC with VMware Cloud on AWS 4/8/2019
Using Python With Oracle Database 4/9/2019

Oracle ACE  Robert Marz
Oracle ACERobert Marz

Polymorphic Table Functions and Qualified Expressions 4/10/2019

Oracle ACE Roger Cornejo
Roger Cornejo

Scale-Up Your Use of the Advisor Framework 4/8/2019
Using the Dynamic Oracle Performance Analytics Framework 4/10/2019

Oracle ACE Director Susan Behn
Susan Behn

Data Security-Wizarding with EBS Security Wizards 4/7/2019
OAF Personalization’s 2019 - Quick Innovation Wins 4/8/2019
Enforcing Business Rules With Approvals Management (AME) in OM, GL, PO, AP and User Management 4/9/2019
Role Based Access Controls – Side by Side Comparison of EBS and Cloud 4/9/2019
RBAC Training - Automated processes for new users and roles with approval processes in AME 4/10/2019

Oracle ACE Tim Warnet
Tim Warner

Closing the Workforce Management Circle – Using PaaS to Extend SaaS 4/10/2019

Click here for a complete list of Oracle ACE sessions at Collaborate 2019.

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