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  • April 26, 2018

A Quick Look At What's New In Oracle JET v5.0.0

John Brock
Product Manager

The newest release of Oracle JET was delivered to the community on April 16th. Continuing the foundational concept of delivering a toolkit on a consistent and predictable release schedule that application developers can rely on. This is the 24th consecutive on-schedule release for Oracle JET.


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This release is primarily a maintenance release, with updates to the underlying open source dependencies where needed, and quite a bit of housekeeping, with removal of previously deprecated API's.  As always, the Release Notes will provide the details and it's highly recommended that you take some time to read through the sections that describe the removed API's.  Most have been under deprecation notice for well over a year.  In some cases API's are being removed that had deprecation notices announced almost 4 years ago.  This will help keep things as clean and lightweight as possible going forward.

visual build call to action button example

One of the first things that you'll probably notice is the Home page now has an option to checkout the new Visual Builder Cloud Service. For those that are more familiar and comfortable with a declarative approach to web development, Visual Builder provides a very comprehensive drag and drop approach to developing JET based applications. If you find yourself in a position where you need to get down to the code while working in Visual Builder, the newest release now provides full code level development as well.  Just hit the Code button and you'll find yourself writing real JET code, with code completion, inline documentation and more. It's the same code that you see in the Cookbook and other sample applications today.


New ways to Get Started

The Get Started page has also received a bit of a face lift.  As the JET community continues to grow, there are more developers looking at JET for the first time, and providing multiple ways to get that first experience is important.  You'll now find that you can Get Started by using Visual Builder as described above, or take a quick look at how JET code is structured with a quick sample available on jsFiddle.  Of course the Command Line Interface (ojet-cli) is still the primary method for getting things off the ground with JET.

get started page screenshot


Growth and Success

The JET Community continues to grow at a rapid pace and we are proud to have three new Oracle Partners/Customers added to the Success Stories page in this release.  We also added a new Oracle Product which is providing tremendous opportunities for Cloud Startups.  Visit the Success Stories page to learn more about:


If you have a JET application, or your company is using JET and you'd like to be included on the JET Success Stories page, please drop a note in the JET Community Forums.


A Single Source of Truth for Resource Paths

The Oracle JET Command Line Interface itself has added a few new features in this release.  One of the most notable is the consolidation of resource path definitions into one configuration file.  If you have tried adding 3rd party libraries to a JET application in the past, you found yourself adding the path to those libraries in up to three different files take make sure things worked in both development as well as a production build of the application.  Everything is now in a single file called "path-mappings.json".  Checkout the Migration Chapter of the Developers Guide for details on how to work with this new single source of truth for paths.

path mapping file structure example



Composite Component Architecture(CCA) continues to mature

Composite Component Architecture(CCA) continues to be a major focus of Oracle JET and each release brings more enhancements to the metadata and structure of the overall Architecture. The best place to keep track of what is happening in CCA development, is on Duncan Mills' Blog series.  The latest installment covers changes made in the JET v5.0.0 release.



Theming gets an update

Theming has always been a significant feature of JET with the inclusion of SASS (.scss) files for the default Alta theme, themes for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms, as well as a Theme Builder application to help you build your own theme as needed.  In JET v5.0.0 the method for defining the base color scheme as been revised.  Take a look at the Theme Changes section of the Release Notes for details, as well as the Theme Builder example on the JET Website.


New task types in oj-Gantt

The Gantt chart has been gaining features over the last few releases, and with this release comes the ability to add new types of tasks such as a Summary and Milestone. Continue to watch this component over future releases as it matures to meet more and more use cases.



As always your comments and constructive feedback is welcome.  If you have questions, or comments, please engage with the Oracle JET Community in the Discussion Forums, or follow @OracleJET on Twitter

On behalf of the entire JET development team, Happy Coding!!


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  • Atul Rawat Tuesday, July 3, 2018
    Best platform with awesome UI components...and we are happy to get new things in updates.
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