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A Practical Guide to Building Multi-Language Chatbots with the Oracle Bot Platform

Frank Nimphius
Master Principal Product Manager

Article by Frank Nimphius, Marcelo Jabali - June 2018

Chatbot support for multiple languages is a worldwide requirement. Almost every country has the need for supporting foreign languages, be it to support immigrants, refugees, tourists, or even employees crossing borders on a daily basis for their jobs.

According to the Linguistic Society of America1, as of 2009, 6,909 distinct languages were classified, a number that since then has been grown. Although no bot needs to support all languages, you can tell that for developers building multi-language bots, understanding natural language in multiple languages is a challenge, especially if the developer does not speak all of the languages he or she needs to implement support for.

This article explores Oracle's approach to multi language support in chatbots. It explains the tooling and practices for you to use and follow to build bots that understand and "speak" foreign languages.

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