Break New Ground

A deeper look at the Oracle Integration Cloud Service

the previous article of this series we had a mere glance at the Oracle
Integration Cloud Service. If you haven’t done this already,
check it out so you can be up to date with high level
details of the service.

This time I will go a bit
more technical and demonstrate exactly what the name of the service implies,
hence how to perform an integration.

I will simulate integrating
two applications that provide exposure to SOAP APIs.

First, I log into the
service and create a new connection.

I select the Web Service
(Soap) Adapter.

In the next screen, I
specify a connection name and click Create

In the connection details
page click on “Configure Connectivity and specify the WSDL location

Afterwards, I set up the
security policy. Since this is a dummy service for testing purposes, it
requires no authentication, so I select No
Security Policy