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A Big Fat Thanks/Things I Learned at Oracle OpenWorld (#oow09)

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OK, it's a wrap!

This is a big fat thank you to everyone who attended Oracle OpenWorld 2009, and especially to the Oracle ACEs who dragged themselves, in many cases, across continents and oceans to be there. You truly are the life-blood of the community. (And thanks especially for all the birthday greetings.)

If you couldn't attend, and are too lazy to click somewhere else from here, I bring you photos:

You can also read attendee blogs and watch the tons-'o-video we captured there.

Now, for some things I learned:

  • You all hate Schedule Builder. (Welcome to the party.) We desperately need to do something about it.
  • You all love the unconference, but want to see it promoted much more widely to the average attendee. I'm with you there.
  • Oracle OpenWorld Live was a huge hit, with a constant viewing audience in the hundreds. Agree, we need to do more of that next year. (Plus, it spiced up the OTN Lounge.)
  • You seem to be split on Moscone/SF as a host city. Some believe the conference has outgrown it, others can't see OpenWorld anywhere else, even with the inconveniences.
  • The Java technologist community is very nervous about OpenWorld serving as a substitute for JavaOne; the cultural and content differences are stark. The sooner we can communicate our plans there, the better. (Unfortunately, nothing can be said until deal close. And contrary to some of the rumors out there, no announcements have been made on this subject at all.)
  • James Gosling and Tim Bray are really nice guys; I can say the same about pretty much every Sun employee I met this week.

That's a partial list. Please add to comments about anything you'd like me to know about your experience as either a physical or virtual attendee.

See ya next year!

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Comments ( 4 )
  • John Flack Friday, October 16, 2009
    Thanks to you, Justin. We bloggers enjoyed the blogger meetup, and appreciate OTN for buying the refreshments, and HP for providing a nice prize. I arrived too late to get a t-shirt, much less signatures, but I signed a few. Congratulations to Steve for getting the most.
    The Unconference gave us an extra day of Oracle Develop especially for ADF developers, which was great - thanks to the people who gave of their time. I especially thank some Oracle employees who had already presented, yet came to the unconference to get into some more depth.
    Schedule builder isn't that bad. It is much better than the bad old days, when you just came to the presentations first come first serve. To see any of the really good presenters, you had to skip the presentation before, or risk not getting in. Getting a pre-count of attendees lets the organizers know when they might want to move a presentation to a bigger or smaller room. I did like that I could add personal meetings like unconference sessions. Sure schedule builder could be improved, but I'm glad it's there.
  • Charlie Isaacs Friday, October 16, 2009
    Here are some more pics, I can send the jpg's too...
  • Frits Hoogland Saturday, October 17, 2009
    How about a webcam in the OTN lounge? Last year I spend much time in the otn lounge, and I am confident it will catch the OOW spirit!
  • Fahd Mirza Monday, October 19, 2009
    Thanks for keeping us updated through your blogs and tweets.
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