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  • February 15, 2016

Get Oracle JDBC drivers from the Oracle Maven Repository - NetBeans, Eclipse & Intellij

Nirmala Sundarappa
Principal Product Manager

New !! Oracle 19.6, 19.3, 18.3, and other older JDBC drivers and Universal Connection Pool (ucp.jar) are available on Maven Central Repository !! Refer this blog for more details. 

Oracle JDBC drivers and Universal Connection Pool (ucp.jar) are available in the Oracle Maven Repository. The following versions of the JDBC drivers and UCP are available:,,,,, and  In addition, companion jars such as simplefan.jar, ons.jar, orai18n.jar, xdb6.jar etc., required for specific features are also available. This blog outlines the steps for successfully downloading the required version of these jar files while using NetBeans, Eclipse and Intellij IDEs.

Please refer to Get Oracle JDBC drivers and UCP from the Oracle Maven Repository (without IDEs) for a step-by-step instructions to create settings.xml, settings-security.xml and pom.xml required to download JDBC drivers and UCP.

Steps to create a Maven project and download the Oracle JDBC drivers and UCP.

  • Create a New Project: Create a maven Java application as per the screenshots
  • Update pom.xml: Include GAV(Group ID, Artifact Id, Version ID) for ojdbc7.jar and/or ucp.jar in pom.xml as shown below. Refer to a sample pom.xml in the blog
  • Create the settings-security.xml and settings.xml files: The Oracle Maven repository requires a user registration including a valid username and an encrypted password to be passed in settings.xml and settings-security.xml.
  • Update Bundled Maven path: Oracle Maven Repository requires Maven version 3.2.5 or higher, therefore, you need to update the bundled maven version in the IDE.
  • Maven Build/Package/Compile: Use "mvn compile", "mvn package" or "mvn install" to build the Java application.
  • Verify the successful completion of the download: Check the local maven repository and make sure that JDBC drivers are downloaded at "USER_HOME/.m2/repository/com/oracle/jdbc/".

Download Instructions for NetBeans

Download Instructions for Eclipse

Download Instructions for Intellij

Download Instructions for NetBeans

NetBeans Version: NetBeans IDE 8.1
Maven Version Used:Apache-Maven-3.3.9

Step#1: Click on File --> New Project and create a Maven project NetBeans_NewProject

Step#2: Provide Name and Location NetBeans_ProjectName and Location Step#3: Update pom.xml to include JDBC drivers and UCP as dependencies and Run --> Build project
NetBeans Build the project Step#4: Successful Download of JDBC drivers
NetBeans- successful download

Download Instructions for Eclipse

Eclipse Version: Mars.1 Release (4.5.1)
Maven Version Used: Apache-Maven-3.3.9

Step#1:Click on File --> New --> Maven Project Eclipse_NewProject Step#2: Specify the project location Eclipse_Location Step#3: Choose the Archetype Eclipse_ProjectArchetype Step#4: Choose project name
Eclipse Build the project

Step#5: Run --> Run Configurations. Change the bundled maven version to a higher version than 3.2.5

Eclipse- successful download

Step#6: Update pom.xml to include JDBC and UCP dependencies. Click on the project --> Run as --> Maven Build

Eclipse- Build project

Download Instructions for Intellij

IntelliJ Version: IntelliJ IDEA 15
Maven Version Used: Apache-Maven-3.3.9

Step#1: File --> New --> Project. Select "Create from archetype"


Step#2: Provide GAV for the project

Intellij_select GAV

Step#3: Change the bundled maven version to something higher than 3.2.5 --> Build project

Intellij- Change the maven version

Step#4: Enter the project name to complete the process.

Intellij- Enter project name and location

Step#5: Update pom.xml to include JDBC and UCP dependencies. Click on the maven project--> compile/install to successfully download the JDBC drivers and UCP.

Intellij- Compile or build

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