August 21, 2020

Destiny Co-Creates and Customizes Innovative New Services with Oracle Communications

By: Samuel De Wever | Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Destiny


We started out as two brothers in a basement, and now we’re one of the fastest-growing B2B telecom operators in Europe with highly customized communications solutions tailored to the needs of individual businesses.

The key to our success has been that we do things differently than the established players. We don’t sell just to sell. We don’t grow just to grow. We’ve been shouting “cloud” for years because we want to co-create and tailor solutions with customers whenever it makes sense to do so. For example, we are currently creating a high-end customer partner portal with 10 enterprise customers who want the same visibility as our internal support technicians into delivery, open tickets, ticket status and more.

While other CSPs largely ignore SMBs with 20 to 200 employees, we have an entrepreneurship-focused culture that makes us agile enough to innovate in this underserved market. And we seek out partners and suppliers that want to equip and enable smaller, more innovative enterprises.

The focus is specialized cloud communication solutions and digital marketplace for cloud services — something the most innovative enterprises in Europe need urgently. With COVID-19, this need is even more urgent, as an unprecedented number of employees are working from home. That fact has attracted more interest in Microsoft TEAMS functionality, which is why we run our Microsoft voice services through TEAMS Direct Routing with certified Oracle Session Border Controllers (SBCs) to deliver real-time communications such as VoLTE, VoIP, video conferencing and calling, presence, and IM. The SBC is fully certified to deliver Teams Direct Routing in a multitenant fashion, enabling us to offer hosted telephony integration into Teams for more revenue opportunities via cloud voice services.

The key is the securing of IP connections during handovers to others so that all IP calls are protected from DDoS attacks and other network threats that would otherwise disrupt the performance of networks and traffic. In that way, the SBC plays a two-fold role in helping us secure our own networks as we connect to our customers, as well as securing our connections to other service providers.

In addition to security, we feel an “all-time-available” approach further differentiates us from others. We guarantee that within four hours, any service or performance issue will either be resolved or a temporary fix put in place, such as a back-up router should there be an accidental cut to a line or other service interruption.

Crucial to that approach is the Oracle Communications Operations Monitor solution (OCOM), which gives us insight into phone calls and session quality, regardless of location, the network or service provider. With OCOM, we rapidly find any problems on the IP communications network to ensure the customer experience remains positive. Proactive network monitoring covers a wide variety of standalone KPIs, as well as custom ones for voice network monitoring, service accessibility, retention and integrity—all of which can be aggregated by service, site and customer. We can access KPIs through configurable dashboards, SNMP and REST-based APIs.

OCOM is complemented by the Oracle Communications Interactive Session Recorder (ISR), which helps our customers, such as insurers and financial institutions, meet stringent regulatory requirement to record communications with customers, and all without the cost and complexity usually associated with enterprise compliance.  

These solutions will help us as we continue to grow, helping us to remain distinct by resolving problems quickly, ensuring SLA compliance and identifying patterns in traffic that improve network planning and help Europe’s most innovative companies remain dynamic, agile and adaptable.


Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Destiny

Samuel De Wever is Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Destiny, a Belgian market leader of Secure Cloud Communication solutions for innovative organizations. Samuel is head of Engineering and is continuously looking for ways to innovate and for ideal partners to cooperate with. Skilled at combining technology, business and teamwork, Samuel, his team and the whole company don't shy away from any digital challenge. Destiny has become one of the fastest-growing B2B telecom operators in Belgium, and has since become a disruptor in the Netherlands, France and other parts of Europe where its network has gained a reputation as one of the most reliable. Offering Voice, Internet, Unified Communications, VPN and secure cloud services over its flexible cloud interaction platform has helped Destiny highly customize its communications solutions to the needs of individual SMEs.

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