Thursday Jan 21, 2016

Announcing availability of 12.2.5 Mandatory Consolidated Patch 2 | Also: Windows 10 and MS IE 11 support

Hello All!

Value Chain Planning is announcing the availability of 22493520:R12.SCP_PF.C - VCP CONSOLIDATED PATCH 2 FOR R12.SCP_PF.C.DELTA.6.

This is a mandatory patch that replaces Consolidated Patch 1 for all 12.2.5 VCP customers.  Any customers on, new 12.2.5 customers, or customers that are upgrading to 12.2.5 need to apply this patch.

The patch addresses performance and other issues that could not be included in CP1, which was released on “day 1” for 12.2.5, but which we deem critical to mandate.

Other recently asked questions on tech certifications:
- Will PS, SNO, and Demantra run on Windows 10 client?
Yes, we have done base certification and  have not found issues when running with IE 11.  (MS Edge browser is not supported for any of our products at this moment due to issues with Forms and Java applets).

- When can we expect 12.1.3 and 12.2.4 to support IE 11 browser for ADF based screens (ASCP, IO)? (12.2.5 supports IE 11 already)
To support IE 11, we need customers to upgrade to a later version of WLS (as we rely on an ADF version that supports IE 11 that is part of a newer WLS version than what we have certified).  
For 12.1.3 and 12.2.4 we are looking at forced upgrades for people that are using ADF as we cannot maintain dual code lines to support multiple ADF/WLS versions.  We are working with Oracle Support to send out Alert Notes to those customers that are on those releases ahead of time (2mo notice), so that they can plan WLS ADF upgrades as part of getting ADF UI bug fixes (that force the issue). While a large number of customers run IE, this also means that customers that use ADF that are not running IE will be impacted. It also means that customers that use our early ADF screens and need IE 11 compatibility will have to move to patch 3 when it becomes available. 12.2.4 customers would automatically be forced to uptake the newer versions, there will not be a separate cumulative patch (ie. for this. 
We will confirm availability to this forum when the code is available.

Monday Nov 23, 2015

Looking for Install Guide, System Requirements, Implementation Guide and User Guides? See Below

Hello!  The guides can be found at the following URL.  They have been updated where required.

Doc 443969.1 will be updated as soon as possible.  

Regards!  Jeff

Wednesday Oct 07, 2015

Are you on There is a mandatory patch that requires application.

Hello!   If you have upgraded to version there is a mandatory patch:

Oracle Demantra Post Release Mandatory Patch Application - Patch 19945449, patch 1960180.1.


Demantra, new required patch 19945449, ARU# 18420277, Demantra patch 12240066 - is now available.
It was discovered that the engine throws a segmentation fault while running CDP consumption profile.

Please see the additional information in the readme Notes:

Please refer to Oracle Support note 453127.1 if more then 1 instance of Demantra is installed on the same machine.

If you are using a WAR file to deploy the application to the web server, recreate and redeploy the WAR file after applying the patch on the centralized machine, in order to ensure the changes made by the patch are propagated to the web server.

It is necessary to clear the Java Plug-in cache on the client machine in order to ensure the changes made by this patch are loaded by the browser.
To clear the Java Plug-in cache click Start -> Control Panel -> Double-click the Java icon in the control panel.
Then Click Settings under Temporary Internet Files section -> Delete Files.

Friday Feb 28, 2014


The Value Chain Planning - Reference Sizing Tool (RAS) provides Capacity & Deployment planning for the Value Chain Planning customers.  It is part of your early sales cycle to qualify, scope and budget your opportunity.  It provides a System Sizing for Oracle Software on Oracle Hardware as well as competitor hardware.  The tool provides guidelines on what the customer should consider for deployment of Value Chain Planning, as well as a comparison to Oracle hardware.  The tool will advise on suitable hardware and software configuration based on the user responses to a series of questions related to the customer requirements.  The more accurate the input, the more accurate the results will be.

The output reports can be used as a sizing estimate.  Most typical scenario is for a System Integrator (SI) to provide the inputs based on the customer’s implementation strategy.  

With a unified methodology across all Oracle software and hardware, RAS supports greenfield as well as consolidation or hardware refresh opportunities. The extremely quick turnover and what-if scenarios enables you to help guide you through the sales-implementation cycle.  Results displayed are estimates based on benchmark results produced by Oracle and best practices gained over the years from customer support and feedback.

For training, to download or to read more, see MOS Note: REPLACEMENT OF APS SIZER with VALUE CHAIN PLANNING REFERENCE SIZING TOOL (RAS) (Doc ID 1630684.1)

Tuesday Jun 12, 2012

Demantra Released and Certified!


Latest Demantra and VCP certification is released.     Demantra, patch 14076370.  VCP, Use note 746824.1.

All available at My Oracle Support.


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