Monday Mar 21, 2016

Demantra Upgrade Workflow Security Enhancements Callouts UTL_HTTP, URL and EBS

Hello Demantra Customers!  Upgrading to  There are changes in the workflow.  There is a new alert white paper that describes some of the new security measures implemented in Oracle Demantra as part of Oracle’s continuous security assertion.  This focuses on 3 types of workflow callouts: UTL_HTTP, URL and EBS.  For more information, see MOS note Calling Demantra Workflow using HTTP POST method in Oracle Demantra and up. New enhanced security measures. ACL permission error. (Doc ID 2118871.1)

Friday Oct 31, 2014

New Development Sponsored White Paper Single Sign On Using OAM OID and OVD

Hello Demantra Customers!   There is a new Development sponsored white paper! Single Sign-on Setup for Demantra Using the Oracle Access Manager (OAM) 11g - synchronization between Demantra and Oracle Identity Management / Oracle Virtual Directory (OID/OVD) (Doc ID 1940438.1).  This doc will guide you through the steps to achieve integration.  


This white paper covers the following topics and much more.   Complete with references and guides.

  • Prerequisites
  • Configuring Single Sign-on
  • Configure a new Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) instance specifically to protect the Demantra WebLogic server
  • Install the new Oracle Access Manager Webgate 11g
  • Ensure that the global logout work properly
  • Configuring Demantra application server(weblogic) to setup OAMIdentityAsserter security provider
  • Authentication in the web.xml file of the Demantra Application
  • Modifying security realm of the weblogic server to setup Identity asserter provider
  • Create a new Authentication Schemes (DemAuthScheme)
  • Resolve the issue of java applets that are not loading in OAM 11g or 10g
  • Demantra with OAM supports the following links
  • Test that you have successfully configured SSO for Demantra

Tuesday Jul 08, 2014

Demantra Customers - Welcome to Finding E-Business Suite Patches & E-Business Suite Technology Stack Patches

Hello Demantra Customers!   Do you need additional help certifying your tech stack?   Sometimes, I do.  When I do, I start at MOS note

How to Find E-Business Suite & E-Business Suite Technology Stack Patches (Doc ID 1633974.2)

This document is meant to assist an E-Business Suite customer in finding all Patches necessary to maintain a healthy system.  This includes Recommended patches, Technology Stack patches, Performance patches, etc...

Thursday Aug 08, 2013 or Demantra with EBS 11i, ASCP VCP 11i?

Many customers are unwilling to upgrade their EBS due to customizations, users and overall effort required, but upgrading their VCP apps is easier and is supported.  You can leave your 11i system as is and install a separate VCP 12.1 instance which collects data from 11i10.

This is a fully supported configuration and allows you to connect Demantra to EBS 11i10.

You do not even need to use any VCP apps other than Demantra.  The data flows through the 12.1 VCP instance into Demantra 
This is the certified configuration for 11i and Demantra, so we advise considering this mix of tools.

The additional benefit you achieve is the ability to bring your VCP applications forward without impacting your EBS applications.

For you would work with the following configuration.
    EBS 11.5.10  (11i)

Monday Apr 29, 2013

EBS Weblogic Demantra Logging Into Application Servlet Mode

Hello!  There is a new configuration when attempting to log into Demantra via EBS using forms servlet.  Are you experiencing the following?   Then see MOS note 1547287.1.

Rlease 12.1.3 EBS Advance Planning environment and configured Demantra to work with it.
EBS and Demantra have separate AppServers.

EBS has OAS and Demantra has Weblogic.
Demantra w/ Weblogic 10.3.5

The weblogic.xml shows the following for the http setup:

The EBS and Demantra work fine by themselves.

When logged into EBS and then select an activity that prompts for the Demantra login, then the EBS form session gets disconnected when running in Forms Servlet Mode.
The Demantra application does not have any issues.
The problem does not occur if they run Forms in Socket mode.

When trying to connect to Demantra from EBS, it is redirecting to Demantra page instead of opening a new page and so we are losing the EBS page.

In the Java Console we can see 5 attempts to reconnect are logged and then the session fails with a FRM-92102.
Bumped up frmNetworkRetries = 30 and the problem still occurs.

The Demantra session continues to work fine, however the user is forced to shutdown the browser and log back into the EBS environment and restart forms each and every time.

Thursday Oct 11, 2012

System Wide Performance Sanity Check Procedures

Do you need to boost your overall implementation performance?

Do you need a direction to pinpoint possible performance opportunities?

Are you looking for a general performance guide?

Try MOS note 69565.1

This paper describes a holistic methodology that defines a systematic approach to resolve complex Application performance problems.  It has been successfully used on many critical accounts.  The 'end-to-end' tuning approach encompasses the client, network and database and has proven far more effective than isolated tuning exercises.  It has been used to define and measure targets to ensure success. 

Even though it was created in 2001 and checked for relevance on 13-Oct-2008, the procedures are still very valuable.




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