Tuesday Apr 19, 2016

Demantra 12.2.1, 12.2.2, 12.2.3, 12.2.4, and Install Upgrade ADVISOR: Demantra (Doc ID 1664177.2

Hello Demantra Customer!  Beginning with it will be easier to find release specific My Oracle Support notes, alerts, TOIs, etc.  At note 1664177.2, the Install Upgrade ADVISOR.  Start at the VCP Informationa Center, 2007934.2, click DM, bottom right click on Install Upgrade Advisor, click Release Specific.  The current My Oracle Support install upgrade and related notes are presented.

Friday Oct 31, 2014

Demantra Upgrading to 12.2.x? Critical Known Issues and Lessons Learned

Oracle Demantra customer, are you considering an upgrade to you Oracle Demantra software?  There are three ciritical MOS notes that you may want to review.

  • 12.2.1, 12.2.2, 12.2.3 and 12.2.4 Install Upgrade ADVISOR: Demantra (Doc ID 1664177.2)
  • DEMANTRA WARNING Have you OR are you Planning to Upgrade to Release 12.2.2? Upgrade from 12.2.2 to 12.2.3 or 12.2.4 Collections EP Load is Failing ORA-20002, ORA-00001, ORA-06512 (Doc ID 1917715.1)
  • Upgrading to Demantra 12.2.4? Here are current known issues from Demantra Development, Proactive Services and Oracle Support (Doc ID 1928367.1)

Thursday Jul 24, 2014

Demantra 12.2.x Focusing on 12.2.3 Install, Upgrade, Operation Bug Fixes and Best Practices

Hello Demantra Customers! 

There is a new r12, focusing on r12.2.3, MOS note that summarizes all known issues as of 24-Jul-2014.  Quickly review the
problems and solutions to help you save time!

See Demantra 12.2.x Focusing on 12.2.3 Install, Upgrade, Operation Bug Fixes and Best Practices.  Known Issue Summary (Doc ID 1910650.1).

Tuesday Jul 08, 2014

Latest for 12.2.3: New DocumentDemantra 12.2.3 - Create Simular Product - Error ORA-30683 ODPM-70420, ORA-06512: in "SYS.DBMS_DEBUG_JDWP" (Doc ID 1905097.1)

Hello!  Here is the latest for Demantra 12.2.3

Demantra 12.2.3 - Create Simular Product - Error ORA-30683 ODPM-70420, ORA-06512: in "SYS.DBMS_DEBUG_JDWP" (Doc ID 1905097.1)

On :  12.2.3 version, When using the Create Similar Product Option of Demantra, it fails and produces the errors

ODPM-70420: Create Similar Item process failed.
This error is on all items loaded in the system and reproducible by following the standard way of working with this functionality.
-- Collaboration.log files shows ORA-30683.
ORA-12541: TNS: no listener.
ORA-06512: in "SYS.DBMS_DEBUG_JDWP", regel 68
ORA-06512: in regel 1
[Additional info: null]
java.sql.SQLException: O

Users cannot use NPI process

See MOS Note 1905097.1 for additional details.   Regards!   Jeff

Monday Feb 24, 2014

Announcement: Oracle Demantra 12.2.3 Available

We are excited to announce Oracle Demantra 12.2.3 is now available for new and existing customers.  All customers who are not incorporating Demantra with other VCP products are welcome to upgrade without any restrictions.  Customers who are using Demantra in conjunction with VCP products will need to upgrade VCP to 12.2.3.
Demantra 12.2.3 encompasses the same functional scope as Demantra 12.2.2 with additional security and functional bug fixes.

Demantra 12.2.3 will work with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 using the AIA 11.4 for the Value Chain Planning Base Integration Pack.
Demantra 12.2.3 will only work with VCP 12.2.3.
Demantra 12.2.3 and VCP 12.2.3 will work with EBS 12.1.3 or EBS 12.2.3.
Please review the release readme and all 12.2.3 documentation carefully to determine content details for this patch. You can also find documentation in the Demantra Documentation Library on My Oracle Support (note 443969.1).

The release is currently available on My Oracle Support (formerly known as Metalink) as Patch 17921238.
Release will be available from e-delivery in a few weeks.

It is recommended for all customers who are on 12.2.1 or 12.2.2 to upgrade to 12.2.3 at earliest convenience.   Please do not upgrade to 12.2.2 and then 12.2.3.

Monday Dec 16, 2013

Demantra 12.2.3 Is Now Available!

Greetings!   Demantra 12.2.3 is now available via ARU 17048199, Bug 17921238

1. This release includes both a platform and application upgrade option. Please note the application upgrade installer option is available only to customers who have implemented the *standard* pre-configured applications (available from Demantra 7.1.1 onwards). You should choose the 'Platform Upgrade Only' option only if your implementation is highly customized. A platform-only upgrade will preserve custom configurations and enable new platform functionality. It will not introduce new application objects. Also note Demantra 7.2.1 customers should contact support prior to running an application upgrade, to get latest patch details for that release.

Please note the upgrade process may identify certain objects which have changed between your existing Demantra version (Demantra 7.1.1 or, for example) and the current release. This may be due to Oracle extensions in the latest release and/or due to customer extensions in their implementation. In a default upgrade mode, the current versions of these objects will be preserved during the upgrade process and, where there are conflicting definitions with the new Oracle version, we will create duplicate objects with a version suffix.

For example, if you extended the configuration of the workflow 'EBS Price List Download', the upgrade process will maintain this and introduce the Oracle standard workflow as 'EBS Price List Download_730'. In some cases, the original object may be suffixed with its version (for example, 'EBS Full Download_711'and the latest configuration will be 'EBS Full Download'). You will identify the latest version by either a suffix of the latest version, or by a sibling item with an earlier version stamp. You may then review the two and merge as appropriate. In the case of duplicate objects, it is recommended to use the latest version, preferably after removing the ‘_730’ suffix and merging any of your customizations into the latest version.

For Predictive Trade Planning customers, you will note that Promotion Type is no longer a level but instead a series, after application upgrade. This enables promotions to have multiple tactics per promotion, typically for different items or locations being promoted. While promotion type can now vary across different items, locations, it should not vary below the Lowest Promotional Level defined in the forecast tree.

If you are uncertain as to which upgrade option to choose, please contact support for guidance.

2.  If you already installed 12.2.1 or 12.2.2 (using the application upgrade or new installation), please do not choose the "platform and application upgrade" option. Instead, choose to perform only a "platform upgrade."

3.  If you are upgrading from a release that did not support Service Parts Forecasting (SPF) functionality and you want to use SPF, you MUST select the "Platform and Application Upgrade" option when running the Demantra Installer. SPF functionality will not work when upgrading from a pre-SPF supported release to 7.3.1 or later after a PLATFORM-only upgrade.

4. Customers who are on or later who are using In-Memory Consumption Driven Planning (CDP) cannot upgrade to 12.2.3, as 12.2.3 does not support those enhancements.

A future release of the 12.2.x branch will include the CDP enhancements, and upgrading from or later will be supported at that time. Please contact Oracle Support for additional information.

For known issues and work arounds, see MOS note Demantra 12.2.3 Upgrade / Install Known Issues and Workarounds (Doc ID 1608474.1)


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