Tuesday Jul 19, 2016

VCP and Higher Certification Matrix Spreadsheet ASCP IO RP DRP SPP CP GOP APCC DM AFDM

Hello Demantra Customers! 

There is a new Development sponsored tech stack and component stack certification matrix that is tailor made for Value Chain Planning!
Introducing MOS note 2162165.1: VCP and Higher Certification Matrix Spreadsheet ASCP IO RP DRP SPP CP GOP APCC DM AFDM.  This note is accessible via MOS notes: 1400486.2, Information Center Overview and Alerts: Oracle Demand Management (Demantra); 2007934.2, Value Chain Planning Information Center Master Index; 1664177.2, 12.2.1, 12.2.2, 12.2.3, 12.2.4, and Install Upgrade ADVISOR: Demantra

Friday Jun 17, 2016

Demantra Upgrade Advisor and more! MOS Note 1664177.2

Hello All!   Note 12.2.1, 12.2.2, 12.2.3, 12.2.4, and Install Upgrade ADVISOR: Demantra (Doc ID 1664177.2)
is meant to be the clearing house of important install / upgrade MOS notes.   If you click into the note you will see the tab Release Specific.

If you have the need to install / upgrade Demantra use this note for install/upgrade issues.  This advisor is available at 2007934.2 which is the clearing house of all things VCP.   Go to 2007934.2, click on DM and there you will find the install / upgrade advisor.

I have reviewed and updated most all notes related to install/upgrade.  They now reflect the main MOS note:

Demantra Demand Management Release Mandatory Patches AFTER applying Demantra Patch 21951481. Apply 12250139 and 12250168 NO LONGER 21959406 (Doc ID 2068458.1)

2068458.1 is accessible at the advisor 1664177.2.   There was confusion regarding the correct patch path to take to make Demantra development stable.   

Regards!   Jeff

Demantra Release Mandatory Patches Update

Hello Demantra Customers!  There is an update to mandatory patches required for release  You can find the details in My Oracle Support (MOS)
note 2068458.1.  Please review if you are upgrading to

Tuesday May 17, 2016

Demantra Install / Upgrade Mandatory Patch Update

A customer having a fresh install of needs to install patches 12250139 (bug 22254051) and Patch 12250168 (bug 23088083).  No need to install 21959406 anymore.

 This is a mandatory patch for Demantra version, nicknamed "Day-1" because it was released at (about) the same time as version

All customers must apply this patch before Development will investigate any open bugs.

A customer having a fresh install of needs to install patches 12250139 (bug 22254051) and Patch 12250168 (bug 23088083).

No need to install 21959406 anymore.

Please see:  Demantra Demand Management Release There is a Mandatory Patch Change AFTER applying Demantra Patch 21951481. Apply 12250139 and 12250168 NO LONGER 21959406 (Doc ID 2068458.1)

Tuesday Apr 26, 2016

Demantra Upgrade To - Advanced Queueing: ERROR: Failed to initialize notification queue for Engine Starter ID

Hello!  Issue is where the Advanced Queues in the Oracle database are corrupted.

Demantra Upgrade To - Advanced Queueing: ERROR: Failed to initialize notification queue for Engine Starter ID

As of the version of Demantra, the engine is utilizing functionality in the Oracle Database called “Oracle Advanced Queuing”. This is existing database functionality but it is the first time it is being utilized by Demantra.

We have seen issues with some of the customers upgrading to where the Advanced Queues (AQ) are corrupt and the corruption was never detected because they were not being used. 

The steps detailed in MOS note 2129902.1 resolve this AQ issue for customers having trouble running the engine in  Please see MOS Note:

Demantra Upgrade To ERROR: Failed to initialize notification queue for Engine Starter ID (Doc ID 2129902.1)

Wednesday Apr 13, 2016

Demantra and In Memory Planning using Oracle RDBMS 12c Configure, Troubleshoot

Configuring Demantra and 12c In Memory Columns and Tables for Faster Read Transactions!  Demantra starting from version, is certified to work with Oracle DB 12c.    My Oracle Support DOC 2126233.1.

This DB version includes the ability to load data into memory to enable faster read transactions from the database; this provides a significant performance gain on some of the Demantra operations, mainly worksheet run time.  Guidelines and suggestions have been compiled based on internal work done by Oracle Demantra Development team, as well as real customer experience with this capability and configuration.   Check out the note.   Let me know if you have questions.   


Tuesday Dec 15, 2015

Demantra Upgrading to Ideas, Roadmap, Procedures

Hello!  Thank you for your query via the Demantra BLOG!

We have no direct dialogue specifically regarding upgrading from to, we do have the following My Oracle Support (MOS) notes that will
help you navigate the upgrade process.  These will help you create your upgrade procedures.  After reviewing the following, and any additional information that you find, please feel free to submit your plan for review.   We would be glad to review and comment as required.  Not knowing your specific scenario, here is a list that will help.  The proper approach is to review each item.  This will help you develop a solid upgrade plan:

  • Demantra Solutions Advisor Webcast Calendar And Archive (Doc ID 800030.1)
    • January 13, 2016, Setup/Run/Troubleshoot The NEW Demantra Engine
    • September 9, 2015, Oracle Demantra Release, Part 1
    • October 14, 2015, Oracle Demantra Release, Part 2
    • November 11, 2015, The Demantra Engine - Setup, Run and Common Issues
  • Installing Demantra (Doc ID 2069281.1)
  • Engine Deployment Guide (Doc ID 2069139.1)
  • Demantra Demand Planning Known Issues and Workarounds (Doc ID 2068316.1)
  • Demantra Now Available. See Patch 21951481 [Document 2068456.1]
  • Demantra Demand Management Release There is a mandatory Patch Required 21959406 [Document 2068458.1] 
  • Demantra Platform or Application Upgrading - Program Manager Recommendations, Demand Management DM SOP PTP TPO SPF CTO IMCDP [Document 1609763.1]
  • List Of Demantra Versions And Corresponding Java Versions [Document 1346197.1]
  • Oracle Demantra Demand Management Release Notes for Release 12.2.5 (Doc ID 2059390.1)


For a Better Understanding:

  • Oracle Demantra and RDBMS Edition Based Redefinition (EBR) EBS schema - Processing and Hot Patching [Document 1932210.1]
  • Customer RecommendedUpgrading from Demantra 7.3.1.x to 12.2.x? This can produce duplicate rows. There are two ways to solve. See patch 21089579 and the details in this note. (Doc ID 2025954.1)
  • Demantra Performance and Setup Analyzer Script and Monitoring Tool (7.3.1 and Above) (Doc ID 1618885.1)
  • Demantra, DM, Weblogic, Engine Related Files and Paths [Document 2072591.1] 
  • Demantra TABLE_REORG procedure. Did you know that TABLE_REORG has replace REBUILD_SCHEMA mad REBUILD_TABLES? [Document 2005086.1]
  • Demantra Development Suggested Performance Advice Plus Reference Docs [Document 1157173.1] 
  • Demantra Upgrade with Customizations using BAL [Document 1458572.1]
  • Oracle Demantra Customizations BAL White Paper [Document 1627590.1] 
  • Demantra Workbench Access Over The Web For External Vendors (Doc ID 2080717.1)
  • Demantra Worksheet Personalization Does Not Show Worksheet Full Name (Doc ID 1962297.1)
  • Unsupported Java Version When Running createDSInEngineRoot.sh (Doc ID 2007452.1)
  • Demantra Upgrade Fails - ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into (""DEMANTRA"".""INIT_PARAMS_217"".""PER_NODE"") Error in PROCEDURE (Doc ID 2086982.1)

Friday Oct 31, 2014

Demantra Upgrading to 12.2.x? Critical Known Issues and Lessons Learned

Oracle Demantra customer, are you considering an upgrade to you Oracle Demantra software?  There are three ciritical MOS notes that you may want to review.

  • 12.2.1, 12.2.2, 12.2.3 and 12.2.4 Install Upgrade ADVISOR: Demantra (Doc ID 1664177.2)
  • DEMANTRA WARNING Have you OR are you Planning to Upgrade to Release 12.2.2? Upgrade from 12.2.2 to 12.2.3 or 12.2.4 Collections EP Load is Failing ORA-20002, ORA-00001, ORA-06512 (Doc ID 1917715.1)
  • Upgrading to Demantra 12.2.4? Here are current known issues from Demantra Development, Proactive Services and Oracle Support (Doc ID 1928367.1)

Thursday Jun 05, 2014

Upgrading a Customized Environment? There is help available!

Hello Demantra Customers!  Are you upgrading a customized install?  There is are new updates to a white paper that speaks about
using BAL to upgrade a customized environment.  Check out Demantra Upgrade with Customizations using BAL (Doc ID 1458572.1).

Monday Feb 24, 2014

Announcement: Oracle Demantra 12.2.3 Available

We are excited to announce Oracle Demantra 12.2.3 is now available for new and existing customers.  All customers who are not incorporating Demantra with other VCP products are welcome to upgrade without any restrictions.  Customers who are using Demantra in conjunction with VCP products will need to upgrade VCP to 12.2.3.
Demantra 12.2.3 encompasses the same functional scope as Demantra 12.2.2 with additional security and functional bug fixes.

Demantra 12.2.3 will work with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 using the AIA 11.4 for the Value Chain Planning Base Integration Pack.
Demantra 12.2.3 will only work with VCP 12.2.3.
Demantra 12.2.3 and VCP 12.2.3 will work with EBS 12.1.3 or EBS 12.2.3.
Please review the release readme and all 12.2.3 documentation carefully to determine content details for this patch. You can also find documentation in the Demantra Documentation Library on My Oracle Support (note 443969.1).

The release is currently available on My Oracle Support (formerly known as Metalink) as Patch 17921238.
Release will be available from e-delivery in a few weeks.

It is recommended for all customers who are on 12.2.1 or 12.2.2 to upgrade to 12.2.3 at earliest convenience.   Please do not upgrade to 12.2.2 and then 12.2.3.

Tuesday Dec 03, 2013

Upgrading to 12.2.2? Do you want extra speed? Use a logon trigger for parallelism

When upgrading your Demantra application from an older version directly to 12.2.2, you can minimize the upgrade time.  You can force parallelism using a Logon trigger on the server.

   Creation of new Indexes on sales data can take long time.

   As part of the upgrade there is a script building a new set of indexes, one per engine profile, on each profile quantity_form expression.

   The creation of the index can take a long time on big data tables.

    - Remember to disable or drop that trigger when the upgrade has completed.

   The following trigger was created as SYS database user and tested successfully by creating DEMANTRA database user and logging in with it:

 CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER force_parallel_ddl_trg






END force_parallel_ddl_trg;


 Make sure to:

  1. Modify DEMANTRA to be the database schema name.
  2. drop it after it is not needed anymore using the foillowing:

 DROP TRIGGER force_parallel_ddl_trg;


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