Monday Nov 23, 2015

Looking for Install Guide, System Requirements, Implementation Guide and User Guides? See Below

Hello!  The guides can be found at the following URL.  They have been updated where required.

Doc 443969.1 will be updated as soon as possible.  

Regards!  Jeff

Wednesday Nov 18, 2015

Demantra Demant Planning Analyzer v200.2 is NOW Available!

Hello!  There is a new version of the Demantra Analyzer.  

See the latest in this MOS note: 1618885.1

See the overview doc here: 2079537.1

There are additional data points, a new format that is easier to review.  Additional comprehensive verification!  Give it a try!

Regards!   Jeff

Wednesday Oct 21, 2015

Demantra is available!

Hello!  Demantra does not have version 12.2.5 available.  Demantra provides with a mandatory patch 21959406.  

Please see MOS notes 2068456.1 and 2068458.1. 

It is best to keep ASCP and Demantra at the same level but not 100% required unless otherwise advised.  Regards!  Jeff

Monday Oct 19, 2015

New Demantra Information Center White Papers - Topical Essays

 See the Information Center Overview and Alerts: Oracle Demand Management (Demantra) (Doc ID 1400486.2)


From this link you can click into the VCP Information Center Master Index or drill into the Demant White Papers and Topical Essays.

Regards!  Jeff

Wednesday Oct 07, 2015

Are you on There is a mandatory patch that requires application.

Hello!   If you have upgraded to version there is a mandatory patch:

Oracle Demantra Post Release Mandatory Patch Application - Patch 19945449, patch 1960180.1.


Demantra, new required patch 19945449, ARU# 18420277, Demantra patch 12240066 - is now available.
It was discovered that the engine throws a segmentation fault while running CDP consumption profile.

Please see the additional information in the readme Notes:

Please refer to Oracle Support note 453127.1 if more then 1 instance of Demantra is installed on the same machine.

If you are using a WAR file to deploy the application to the web server, recreate and redeploy the WAR file after applying the patch on the centralized machine, in order to ensure the changes made by the patch are propagated to the web server.

It is necessary to clear the Java Plug-in cache on the client machine in order to ensure the changes made by this patch are loaded by the browser.
To clear the Java Plug-in cache click Start -> Control Panel -> Double-click the Java icon in the control panel.
Then Click Settings under Temporary Internet Files section -> Delete Files.

Monday Sep 21, 2015

New Demantra Log File Parser in PERL

Hello!  There is a new Demantra Log File Parser available.  This is written in PERL.  Take a look.  As always, comments are welcome.

MOS Note 2053982.1:  Demantra Demand Planning Log File Parser

Tuesday Jun 30, 2015

Upgrading Demantra 7.3.1.x to 12.2.x can produce duplicate rows. There are two ways to solve this issue.

Upgrading Demantra 7.3.1.x to 12.2.x can produce duplicate rows.  There are two ways to solve; apply 21089579 before your upgrade to 12.2.x or wait for  The platform upgrade resolves this issue in  Apply this patch before your upgrade from 7.3.1.x to 12.2.x.  After an application upgrade SITE_TYPE_CODE, SITE_TYPE_DESC, ACCT_TYPE_CODE, ACCT_TYPE_DESC columns do not have a default '0'.  Please note that this patch does not remove any existing "duplicate" rows in ITEMS, LOCATION, MDP_MATRIX or SALES_DATA.

Upgrading from Demantra 7.3.1.x to 12.2.x? This can produce duplicate rows. There are two ways to solve. See patch 21089579 and the details in this note. (Doc ID 2025954.1)

Thursday Jun 18, 2015

Demantra Certification Study Guides, Exam Preparation

Hello All!   We have the certification documents available!  They are located at

There you will find:

  • The PDF from May 2015 webcast, Demantra Certification.  Are you attempting to get certified?  Let's walk through the process!
  • Mfg_DEM_Advisor_Webcast_2015_0610.pdf
  • Mfg_DEM_Advisor_Webcast_Certification_2015_0610-Part-2.pdf
  • Demantra-Certification-Technical.pdf
    • This is still in draft however, plenty of technical points that will add to your understanding of Demantra troubleshooting and management
  • Demantra-Certification-Topics.pdf

Of course, there are plenty of webcasts, as noted in Demantra-Certification-Topics.pdf.  Remember, the test is based on  I would advise that you stay with manuals that are available for as made available at Oracle Demantra Documentation Library, DOCs, TOIs and Training Available(Doc ID 443969.1). 

There is one more site that will help you drill into specific topics.  This site has whitepapers from Demantra DEV and Support Proactive Services that will provide detailed analysis and direction to Demantra functional and technical topics.  The MOS note is:

Development and Proactive Services Document Library. CRITICAL Updates, Comprehensive, Impactful White Papers, Guides, Notes +! Oracle Value Chain Planning Suite ASCP GOP Demantra RP APCC SNO IO DSR PS SPP, Note 1669052.1

Additionally, the Demantra Information Center is being updated and integrated into the NEW Value Chain Planning (VCP) Information Center!  I will provide details as soon as they are available.

As always, feel free to contact me.   Best to you in your efforts!   Jeff

Saturday Jun 13, 2015

Demantra Certification Training Inventory Coming Soon!

Hello All!   As promised during the 10-Jun-2015 Demantra webcast, I will be publishing the following on Monday in the Demantra Community.   There will be additional docs that will help you move towards certification success.  Remember, if you fail, you will know where to refocus your study for attempt two OR even attempt 3!!  These are the docs that I have so far:


I will be in touch soon.   Thank You!   Jeff

Thursday Apr 02, 2015

Demantra Installing as SYS or SYSTEM Installer Fails or is Failing

We are aware of a bug that might raise an error during the installation of the Generic Patch recently released.

In some cases, when using SYS as the DBA user and “Enable Automatic Table Maintenance” checkbox has been checked, sys_grants.sql script which is being
run as part of the installation may fail.

sys_grants.sql is using an internal function in with a specific combination of hardware/platform may generate invalid value.

Run the installer using SYSTEM and not SYS, then, after the installation completes, replace sys_grants.sql with the attached file and run it as sys.
Make sure to add “TRUE” as the 4th parameter.

For example:


This has been addressed in release


Uptake of VCP is mandatory for all VCP and Demantra 12.2.4 installations.

Are you already at

Demantra has a new required patch 19945449, ARU# 18420277, Demantra patch 12240066 - is now available. It was discovered that the engine throws a segmentation fault while running CDP consumption profile.  Please see the additional information in the readme Notes.

Reference Notes:
Oracle Demantra Post Release Mandatory Patch Application - Patch 19945449 (Doc ID 1960180.1)
Demantra Cumulative Patch. This CU is Specifically for r12.2.4.1. There are 13 Issues Patched and or Improved. (Doc ID 1952805.1)
Oracle Demantra Release Notes for Release (Doc ID 1947062.1)
Demantra Release Known Upgrade and Known Product Issues with Workarounds (Doc ID 1948769.1)
Oracle Demantra Demand Planning Announcing New Release is Now Available (Doc ID 1948684.1)
Troubleshooting Demantra Installation (Doc ID 1986634.1)


Friday Jan 09, 2015

Demantra Are you upgrading or have upgraded? New Mandatory Patch is available.

Are you already at  Demantra has a new required patch 19945449, ARU# 18420277, Demantra patch 12240066 - is now available.
It was discovered that the engine throws a segmentation fault while running CDP consumption profile.  Please see the additional information in the readme Notes.

Wednesday Dec 10, 2014

Hello Demantra Customers! Are you at version A new cumulative patch will be released soon.

Hello Demantra Customers!  Are you at version  A new cumulative patch will be released soon.  This cumulative patch is different to the 12.2.x patch strategies in the respect
that it will only contain fixes that are new to  This cumulative patch is scheduled to be released later this month, December 2014.  To monitor, see this note, 1952805.1 or visit the Oracle Demantra BLOG at

Wednesday Nov 26, 2014

Oracle Demantra Demand Planning Announcing New Release is Now Available MOS Note 1948684.1

Announcing Oracle Demantra Demand Planning Release

We are excited to announce Oracle Demantra Demand Planning is now available for new and existing customers.

Oracle Demantra Demand Planning includes several features in 12.2.4. Key features include:

  • Oracle In-Memory Consumption-Driven Planning
  • 64-bit Analytical Engine
  • User Access Control
  • Additional Demantra Hierarchies in APCC
  • Launch Management Extended to DM and PTP Components
  • APCC Support for Trade Hierarchies and Data
  • Streamlined Promotion Creation and Improved Method Usability
  • Promotion Calendar Enhancements
  • Printing Promotion Calendar
  • Streamlined Simulations
  • Enhanced Shipment and Consumption Planning Support
  • Demantra- Improved Worksheet Performance
  • VCP and Demantra- Support E1 Long Item Code
  • VCP and Demantra- Certified with Oracle DB in Memory

Uptake of VCP is mandatory for all VCP and Demantra 12.2.4 installations.

  • Demantra Patch Number is 19973580.
  • For E1 customers Long Item Code  Patch Number is 19608405.
  • Demantra will only work with VCP
  • Demantra and VCP will work with EBS 12.1.3 or EBS 12.2.4.


If you would like additional information regarding Oracle Demantra functionality, certification and deployment please refer to the Demanta Documentation Library on My Oracle Support (Document  443969.1).

Contact with direct questions.   Regards!   Jeff

Monday Nov 24, 2014

UPDATED: Does Demantra support Edition Based Redefinition (EBR)? How do I address EBR in my EBS instance?

Hello Demantra Customers!  Do you know what Edition Based Redefinition (EBR) is or how it impacts Demantra?  EBS uses EBR for online patching.

There is a new update to the referenced MOS note below.  Demantra DOES NOT support Edition Based Redefinition. 

Edition-Based Redefinition enables you to upgrade an application's database objects while the application is in use, thus minimizing or eliminating down time. This is accomplished by changing (redefining) database objects in a private environment known as an edition.  Only when all changes have been made and tested do you make the new version of the application available to users.

Edition-based redefinition allows multiple versions of PL/SQL objects, views and synonyms in a single schema, which makes it possible to perform upgrades of database applications with zero down time.

Large, mission critical applications built on Oracle Database 11g Release 1 and earlier versions are often unavailable for tens of hours while the application’s database objects are patched or upgraded.  Oracle Database 11g Release 2 introduces edition-based redefinition, a revolutionary new capability that allows online application upgrades with uninterrupted availability of the application.  When the installation of the upgrade is complete, the pre-upgrade application and the post-upgrade application can be used at the same time.

EBS supports EBR from the 12.2 release onwards in the online patching feature.

To read about EBR and Demantra, see the new white paper, Oracle Demantra and RDBMS Edition-Based Redefinition (EBR) EBS schema - Processing and Patching (Doc ID 1932210.1)

Friday Oct 31, 2014

New White Papers in Development Sponsored White Paper Library!

Hello Demantra Customers!  There is a new Development sponsored Value Chain Planning and Demantra library!  This library is exclusive to Demantra Development and Oracle Proactive Support.  There are excellent white papers and more!  See Development and Proactive Services Document Library White Papers (Doc ID 1669052.1)

 As of today, we provide

    Value Chain Planning
    - ASCP Data Collections
    - Demantra Demand Planning  * see below
    - Strategic Network Optimization
    - Rapid Planning
    - Global Order Promising
    - Collaborative Planning
    - WebLogic
    - IO Inventory Optimization
    - SPP Service Parts Planning
    - DP Distribution Planning
    - Integration
    - Information Centers

    Specifically for Demantra
    - Architecture
    - Install and Upgrade
    - Integration, Data Loading and CTO
    - Workflow Issues
    - Worksheet Related
    - Engine Related
    - Performance
    - User Interface Use and Design
    - Diagnostic Tools
    - Weblogic Related


This blog delivers the latest information regarding performance and install/upgrade. Comments welcome


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