Tuesday Jul 10, 2012

Data Loading Issues? Try the new Demantra Data Load Guided Resolution

Hello!   Do you have data loading issues?  Perhaps you are trying the new partial schema export tool.  

New to Demantra, the Data Load Guided Resolution, document 1461899.1.  This interactive guide will help you locate known solutions to previously discovered issues quickly.  From performance, ORA and ODPM errors to collections related issues that have no known hard number error.   This guide includes the diagnosis of data being imported into Demantra and data being exported from Demantra. 

Contact me with any questions or suggestions.   Thank You!

Tuesday Jun 26, 2012

Latest EP_LOAD_SALES Performance Improvement for and 12.2

Hello!   Take a look at the latest EP_LOAD_SALES solution.  New for and 12.2, there are 3 additional parameters to control EP_LOAD_SALES.    Click Here

Thursday Jun 14, 2012

Java JRE 7 Automatic Upgrade and Demantra Requirements - Action Required

The following applies to ALL Demantra, EBS and Demantra Oracle Integrations:

All EBS desktop administrators must disable JRE Auto-Update for their end-users immediately.
See this externally-published article:

    URGENT BULLETIN: Disable JRE Auto-Update for All E-Business Suite End-Users

Why is this required?

If you have Auto-Update enabled, your JRE 1.6 version will be updated to JRE 7.

    This may happen as early as July 3, 2012.
    This will definitely happen after Sept. 7, 2012, after the release of 1.6.0_35 (6u35). 

Oracle Forms is not compatible with JRE 7 yet.  JRE 7 has not been certified with Oracle E-Business Suite yet.
Oracle E-Business Suite functionality based on Forms -- e.g. Financials -- will stop working if you upgrade to JRE 7.

Related News

Java 1.6.0_33 is certified with Oracle E-Business Suite.  See this externally-published article:

    Java JRE 1.6.0_33 Certified with Oracle E-Business Suite

Tuesday Jun 12, 2012

Demantra Released and Certified!


Latest Demantra and VCP certification is released.     Demantra, patch 14076370.  VCP, Use note 746824.1.

All available at My Oracle Support.

Wednesday May 02, 2012

Latest / General patch for 7.3.0 And 7.3.1 ARU #14324102Patch 13426248

This patch resolves:

1. Bulk loader causing crash on Linux
2. Various PE related issues
3. Simulation with DP shapes. Consecutive simulation run, when DP shapes were introduced, was failed because vector of DP shapes used by engine were not reset between engine runs in simulation mode.

Available at https://support.oracle.com

Do You Want to Improve Your Data Load Performance in 7.3.1.x ?

Oracle has released 14810986 available ay My Oracle Support, https://support.oracle.com

1. This a re-release. The original patch has been replaced.
2. This is not customer-specific. It is a generic EP_LOAD patch that improves performance for 7.3.1.x installations.


Wednesday Apr 25, 2012

Partial Database Schema Update

The Non Invasive Partial Schema Export Utility Extracting Partial Schema Dumps for Analysis (Doc ID 1448266.1) is now available in a patch.

Using MOS, download checkin  13930627.


Sunday Apr 15, 2012

Tired of Downloading Your Entire Schema? How About a Partial Download?

Proceed to document 1448266.1, Demantra Non Invasive Partial Schema Export Utility Extracting Partial Schema Dumps for Analysis.  In this document you will find instructions and 2 SQL scripts.  Give it a try.  If you have a problem, feel free to post to this BLOG or the community located at:


Regards!   Jeff

Wednesday Mar 28, 2012

Demantra USA Based Companies and SOX Compliance

A USA based company is assessing Demantra Trade Promotion Management (TPM) capability.  It appears that SOX
is necessary in their case due to the nature of what TPM does and the necessity for auditability.  Do we
have any detail on SOX compliance for Demantra?


SOX compliance with regards to IT:

1.  Requires auditing of data changes done by who, what, when

    a. Audit trail profiles can be set up for key financial series and view them in audit trail reports

    b. One functionality we do not have which typically is asked for is user login history. We have only
       active sessions, history is not available.

2.  Segregation of duties

    a. With respect to TPM, you could have deduction and financial analyst for settlement be different
       from promotion creator, promotion approver or sales team.

    b. Budget Approver for funds can be different from funds consumer.

    c. Promotion creator can be different than promotion approver

    d. For a US customer you may have to write some custom scripts to capture promotion status change
       and produce an external report as part of compliance.

One additional requirement is transparency of forward commitments entered into with retailers / distributors
for trade spending, promotions.  Outside of Demantra - Consumer Goods Trade Funds Analytics.

Thursday Mar 08, 2012

Loading Product Family into Demantra Using Legacy Collection

I am using legacy collection to load product family into Demantra.  In the soucre EBS/Value Chain Planning (VCP)
I can see my product family and member in the ASCP plan.

I would like to be able to have product family dimension populated in a Demantra Hierarchy.  I have used demhistory
flat file to upload forecasts for my items (members) and I expect to have product family dimension populated.

I started to analyse demantra collection and EP launch, and it seems to me that stagging table T_SRC_ITEM_TMPL is
populated by process "Collect Level Type (2)"  or perhaps a subprocess.

The stagging table stores the link between members and product family itself, ebs_product_family_code field, but it
is populated with default value (0).

The profile 'MSD_DEM: Master Org' is used for collecting item -> product family rollups into demantra.
Item to product family rollup needs to be available in ASCP under the master organization specified by the above profile.

This is a source side profile, and cannot be set by hand in case of legacy source.  To set the value, you will need to run the
request 'Configure Legacy Profiles' from 'Demand Management System Administrator' responsibility.  Parameters for this
request are as follows:

- Legacy Instance
- Master Org
- Category set

After running this, check for records in msd_dem_legacy_setup_params table.  Then try running flat file load and verify
product family is populated in t_src_item_tmpl table in demantra schema.

Also the product family members/product family relationship comes from the msc_system_items table for the master organization,
not organization where product family/product members is defined

You can check for a link between members and product family in the master org within msc_system_items and then the product family
should be visible within Demantra.

Monday Feb 27, 2012

Performance and RDBMS Tuning and Maintenance

Demantra is a Data Base resource intensive application.

- Evident from large implementations
- Large-scale implementations are global solutions across multiple regions or
  retailer oriented store-level solutions - Require very large demand data
  repositories storing billions of data points.

Common Demantra Performance issues
- Poor worksheet response times
- Longer Batch Engine run times
- Extended Simulation runs
- Prolonged Data loads
- Slow running user updates

These issues can be addressed by appropriate DB setup and tuning activities

Example 1.
This customer has been live on a Demantra VMI implementation and suddenly reported worksheet performance issues.

Sales_Data was ~32M records, non-partitioned

Analyze_Schema was not being run
Did a chained row count after Analyze_Schema – 48%
Recommended Rebuild_schema and worksheet performance improved 60% on average


Example 2.
This is a Demantra DM/PTP/DSM implementation. Just before UAT customer loaded full volume of Sales history,
Promotion and Settlement data and started experiencing serious worksheet performance issues.

MDP_Matrix=1.5M; Sales_Data=30M; Promotion_Data = 22M;

- CBO parameter changes
- Relocating null and empty columns in very large tables at the end of the row
- Sales_Data partitioning
- Reorder of Data by PK
- Worksheet specific Indexes

Performance Improvements reported:

Series Config Changes, 21%

GL Data Trim, 8%

Indexes, 2%

Reorder Data by PK, 32%

Worksheet Cache Refresh, 73%

Monday Nov 14, 2011

Upgrading/Installing Demantra Check this out!

Here is a summary for relase install/upgrade/features

  • Data Preservation Setting for General Levels 
  • Deploying Demantra Application Server 10g 
  • Important upgrade Information 
  • Known upgrade issues 
  • Mozilla Firefox Browser 
  • Installer Issues 
  • Reviewing / Simulating General Level Data Such as CTO Base Model Demand 
  • Failure Rate Calculation 
  • Demantra SSL Client Authentication and Java 6 
  • CTO functionality does not work in release after upgrading from 7.3.0 using the ‘Platform Upgrade Only’ option. 
  • User Privileges and Export Worksheet to Excell 
  • Cookie Attribute Causes Logging Issue in Worksheet 
  • List of bugs fixed in

See the following for details.

  • Demantra Install / Upgrade Known Issues, Notes, Guidance, Defects, Workarounds (Doc ID 1370518.1)
  • Related Documents For Demantra Version And If Demantra Supports The Required Stacks (Doc ID 1367141.1)

This blog delivers the latest information regarding performance and install/upgrade. Comments welcome


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