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Update Your Database Homes and Grid Infrastructure Via the OCI Web Console on the Exadata Cloud Service

Brian Spendolini
Database Cloud Services Product Manager

On Wednesday, April 29th, we released the ability to update your Oracle database homes and GI via the OCI web console for Exadata Cloud Service customers. This has been a feature we have been working on for a long time and after multiple reviews, changes and testing, we have released it.

How does it work?

Good question....let me show you now.

If you look on your ExaCS DB System Details page, you will see a new section (actually, a few new ones but that's for another time) called DB System Version. Image of the DB System Details (GI Details)  The DB System related to your Grid Infrastructure. Here you can see I have a 19.6 GI and the 19.7 GI update is available. It also indicated when I last updated via the aptly names Last Updated field. If I would like to apply the update, I simply click the View link just to the right of the This will take me to the Available Patches page. Before we go there, lets take a look at the new update section for a Database Home.

On the same page, the ExaCS DB System details page, scroll to the bottom to see our Databases, Database Homes, Nodes and any Work Requests we have.

On the left, select Database Homes and once the report on the right refreshes, choose one. On the Database Homes detail page, we can see the new Database Software Version section

In this section we can see the DB System Version (GI) as well as the Database Version of this Oracle Home. Also, just like in the DB System Version section, we have last time updated and the latest update available. Lets click the View link now to see the page where we can apply these GI and Database home updates.

Here we can see the available patches for our DB System (GI) and Database Homes.

Just click on the right of the report row (the three vertical dots) to pre-check or apply the update to the Database Home or DB System (GI). Its just that easy...now downloading of patches, no staging; its all done for you right here in the UI. Just like when you used dbaascli to update homes and the GI, this is done one node at a time to provide maximum availability.

Just Move It, Move It, Move It

I would also like to bring your attention to a different method of updating individual databases we now have with the Exadata Cloud Service. Databases can now be updated by moving them seamlessly between Oracle homes of different versions. The cloud automation will recognize the version difference and automatically apply the patch during this process. You can also use this feature to move databases between development and production homes;  providing a seamless path to production. And as always with the Exadata Cloud Service, this all happens in rolling manner providing continuous access to the database during the process.

How can you use this new awesome feature? On the database details page, you will see a new button called Move to Another Home.

Just click that button to see a select list of eligible database homes you can move this database to.

You can see the source database home and version as well as the target database home and version. Once you are ready, just click the Move Database button on the bottom of the pop out section. That's it! This is a great method of updating database and it also does it faster than patching a database home!

We hope this feature helps you in your journey to the Oracle cloud and also eases up some of the mundane and arduous tasks of updating databases you previously may have done with on-premises systems. We will post the new database update just like when it is available for download; January, April, July and October.


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