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  • October 1, 2015

SCRIPT execution errors when creating a DBaaS instance with local and cloud backups - FIX

Brian Spendolini
Database Cloud Services Product Manager

Some special characters in your OSS password could cause the backup
configuration to fail when creating a Oracle Database Cloud Service
(Database as a Service) instance if you specify Both Cloud Storage and
Block Storage as the Backup Destination. Such failures occur when
configuring bkup assistant, during the “Configuring Oracle Database
Server” phase. The log for these failures includes an

error message that begins with the text “SCRIPT execution errors”.

To circumvent this problem, follow these steps:
1. Create a service instance and specify Block Store Only as the Backup Destination.
2. After the service instance is created, apply the patch to fix this issue. (As Oracle user)

$ curl -O https://storage.us2.oraclecloud.com/v1/dbcsswlibp-usoracle29538/dbaas_patch/bkup/dbaas_patch-21866900.sh
$ chmod 755 dbaas_patch-21866900.sh
$ ./dbaas_patch-21866900.sh

You should see the output:
Patching /var/opt/oracle/perl_lib/DBAAS/opc_installer.pm
Patch applied successfully.

Now delete the patch file.

$ rm dbaas_patch-21866900.sh

3. Change the backup destination to Both Cloud Storage and Block Storage by
following the instructions in Changing the Backup Configuration to a Different
Backup Destination

Lastly, you could also change the password you use to create
storage containers to not have special characters as well. This wont fix
the root issue as the patch will, but will allow you to create a DBaaS
instance with both local and cloud backups if the thought of using Linux
is uncomfortable.

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