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  • November 28, 2017

Independent Article on Exadata Express Highlights Its Benefits

ACE Director Jim Czuprynski’s recent OTN article about Exadata Express contains good insights about this database cloud service. It also provides interesting performance testing results from heavy analytic workloads that he ran on Exadata Express with In-Memory Column Store enabled. Below are my favorite quotes and highlights from Jim. Head over to OTN to see the full article.

  • A Compelling Value Proposition “…Exadata Express is intended to be the entry-level service from Oracle providing low prices, reasonable ceilings on the specs, and certain functionality disabled as you might expect in a fully managed offering. Despite what it's missing compared to the other Oracle services, I must say Exadata Express is a compelling proposition for the price.”

  • Responsive and Simple to Access “…I found that the Exadata Express X50IM instance was essentially always available, responsive—or to use a technical term, ‘snappy’—and simple to access using just about every method I tried, including SQL*Plus, Oracle SQL Developer, and even my old standby third-party RDBMS monitoring tool…”

  • Easy to Connect Applications “It's easy to connect an application to it. I only need to add a few entries into a host's SQLNET.ORA file and (if required) TNSNAMES.ORA…”

  • High-Speed Data Loading “I loaded 25 GB worth of TPC-DS data over my meager home office internet bandwidth in under four hours—and that includes index creation and statistics regathering.”

  • Fast Analytic Queries “…of the 14 TPC-DS queries that typically ran for more than 1,800 seconds [without In-Memory Column Store], only three still exhibited no improvement in execution time [when using In-Memory Columns Store]. For those that did improve, the improvement was dramatic, including some whose performance improved by two or more orders of magnitude…”

  • Powerful and Hassle-Free “Though I've mentioned some of the unexpected limitations of my Exadata Express X50IM instance, I found them to be simply minor annoyances when compared to the power and hassle-free configuration that Exadata Express provided for my extended testing.”

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