Tuesday Mar 31, 2015

Upcoming Conferences


This annual conference will take place April 12-16 in Las Vegas.  Full details here.

If you cannot attend in-person, join in virtually through Plug-in to Vegas

Either way, finish filing your taxes early so you don't miss the speaking session on one of my favorite topics - Service Catalogs for delivering Oracle Database as a Service.  The session is part of the Cloud Computing Track.  It is scheduled the morning of Wednesday April 15 from 10:45-11:45.

Oracle OpenWorld 2015

Speaking of conferences, it's hard to believe but it's already time to start thinking about OpenWorld.  Join us in The City by the Bay from October 25-28.  Watch for details on this year's On-Premises Database Cloud topics.  In the meantime, if you have any ideas on speaking topics, don't hesitate to submit your proposals before April 29th.

Thursday Aug 28, 2014

Focus On Documents for DBaaS topics at Oracle OpenWorld 2014

The speaking sessions and hands-on-labs for this year's Oracle OpenWorld are now scheduled, and a good way to find the items you're interested in is to check the FODs that cover your areas of interest.  Two are especially relevant for Database as a Service in private clouds -

 Database as a Service


EM 12c Private Cloud and Lifecycle Management

There is some overlap between the two lists since the topics converge at several private database cloud requirements.  But make sure to check both so you don't miss anything that can help you in your journey to cloud.

Tuesday Jun 24, 2014

Database as a Service at Oracle OpenWorld 2014

It's almost that time again - to gather in San Francisco for Oracle OpenWorld, and there are many sessions which will be interesting to anyone working in the private cloud / database as a service space.    Here are just a handful of them - starting with the session I will present, and others from the team I'm part of --

Private Database Cloud: a Standardized Catalog for Delivering DBaaS

Database as a Service: Best Practices and Lessons Learned

Database as a Service: a Customer's Journey to the Cloud

Rapid Home Provisioning: Deploying and Updating Database Templates in a Cloud

DBaaS 2.0: Rapid Provisioning, Richer Services, Integrated testing, and more

Create a DBaaS Catalog in an Hour with a PaaS-Ready Infrastructure

If you miss one of our sessions, stop by our booth.  And if you miss OOW completely, watch for the session materials online shortly after the conference ends.

Sunday Sep 08, 2013

Database Cloud topics at Oracle OpenWorld 2013

It's that time of year again for Oracle OpenWorld, and our team is again involved in several venues where you can learn anything you need to know about private database clouds for delivering Oracle Database as a Service. These include demo booths, hands-on-labs, and speaking sessions.

These events cover a range of topics but the common theme is delivering DBaaS, so you can find all of them listed in this Focus On Document.  We hope to see you there to answer your questions and hear about your experiences.

Tuesday Oct 09, 2012

Database Consolidation Slides

In case you missed us in the Demogrounds at Oracle OpenWorld-- or if you were there and would like to take another look -- here are the slides we were presenting last week:  Database Consolidation for Private Database Clouds.

I'm thinking to add a voice-over ... once my voice recovers from four days of non-stop discussions, meetings, speaking sessions etc.  A few of the questions we answered frequently included:

Q: Is it possible to deploy an Oracle Database Cloud today with Oracle's current technologies and products?

A: Absolutely!  Oracle has been developing technologies for several years that support the key features of a cloud environment.  Oracle Database 11g is an ideal platform for database clouds.

Q: Are Oracle Engineered Systems required for Oracle Database Clouds?

A: Oracle Database Clouds run best on our Engineered Systems, but can also be deployed on any platform that supports the database, as many customers are doing today.

If you have questions, feel free to post them here and we'll start a dialog.


The Database Cloud Architecture Team at Oracle develops and documents best practices for designing and delivering database consolidation and database-as-a-service projects for on-premises database clouds.


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