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  • March 1, 2013

Oracle RAC in Solaris 11 Zones

Burt Clouse
Sr Principal Product Manager

In database cloud deployments, companies host
multiple databases for use by various internal groups (private clouds) or
external clients (public or community clouds). Whenever multiple databases are deployed together on shared
infrastructure, the solution must take into account the degree of isolation
each database will require with respect to faults, operations, security, and
shared resources.

In many database cloud deployments, Oracle
Database features and options will provide the required isolation. This allows consolidating multiple Oracle
databases natively onto a shared infrastructure, without the need for further
isolation. In native consolidations, all
databases share a single Oracle Grid Infrastructure. This approach is described
in detail in the Oracle white paper
"Best Practices for Database Consolidation in Private Clouds" which is posted on our OTN page.

Database clouds hosting databases with
security or compliance considerations have higher requirements for isolation. These could include sensitive data with
privacy requirements, or data from multiple companies who cannot be aware of
each other (i.e., a public cloud). Such deployments
may need to apply additional technologies or controls beyond those available in
a native consolidation.

Implementing higher degrees of isolation can
be accomplished by encapsulating each database environment. Encapsulation can be accomplished with
physical or logical isolation techniques.
Oracle recently certified 11gR2 RAC in Solaris 11 Zones,  which is an
important capability for database clouds, because it enables strong
isolation between databases consolidated together on a shared hardware
and O/S infrastructure. We've just published a new white paper that describes the options and makes a detailed analysis of how
Oracle Solaris 11 Zones efficiently provide encapsulation to Oracle database
clouds.  To see how this technology set can be leveraged on SPARC SuperCluster, read about the Oracle Optimized Solution for Enterprise Database Cloud.

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