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  • April 8, 2016

Creating your Rapid Home Provisioning Server just got easier (1-click!)

Burt Clouse
Sr Principal Product Manager

Rapid Home Provisioning is a feature of Grid Infrastructure 12.1 which provisions and manages software homes across a data center.  RHP:

and enforces standardization

provisioning and patching

the impact and risk of maintenance

automation and reduces touch points

large scale deployments

The steps to configure a Rapid Home Provisioning Server (the central repository and brains of an RHP ecosystem) are nicely described in MOS note 2097026.1.

But if you're interested in cutting to the chase, check out this new MOS note 2124960.1 which provides a script that will set up your RHP Server with one command.  Answer a few questions, and you're up and running.

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