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Oracle Gateway Master Note (Doc ID 1083703.1)

Master Note for Oracle Gateway Products

1. Concepts and Availability

Oracle Gateway products are based on Heterogeneous Services and allow access to non-Oracle databases from Oracle products.
Heterogeneous Services provides the generic technology for connecting to non-Oracle systems. As an integrated component of the database, Heterogeneous Services can exploit features of the database, such as the powerful SQL parsing and distributed optimization capabilities.
Heterogeneous Services extend the Oracle SQL engine to recognize the SQL and procedural capabilities of the remote non-Oracle system and the mappings required to obtain necessary data dictionary information.

There are dedicated Gateways for the following non-Oracle data sources -
- Microsoft SQL*Server - Database Gateway for SQL*Server (DG4Msql)
- Sybase - Database Gateway for Sybase (DG4Sybase)
- Informix - Database Gateway for Informix (DG4Ifmx)
- IBM DB2 - Database Gateway for DRDA (DG4DRDA)
- Teradata - Database Gateway for Teradata (DG4Teradata)
- Websphere MQ - Database Gateway for Websphere MQ (DG4MQ)
- Remote online transaction processors (OLTPs) - Database Gateway for APPC (DG4APPC)
- IMS - Database Gateway for IMS (DG4IMS)
- VSAM - Database Gateway for VSAM (Dg4VSAM)
- Adabas - Database Gateway for Adabas (DG4Adabas)

Non-Oracle datasources for which a dedicated gateway is not available can be accessed by using the following -

Database Gateway for ODBC (DG4ODBC)

which uses third party ODBC drivers to make the connection to non-Oracle data sources such as as MySQL, Progress, Ingres.
It can also be used to access non-Oracle databases for which a dedicated gateway is available.
Further details are available in this note -

Note.233876.1 Options for Connecting to Foreign Data Stores and Non-Oracle Databases - For example - DB2, SQL*Server, Sybase, Informix, Teradata, MySQL

There are differences in the functionality and licensing of the Database Gateway for ODBC and the other gateways which are discussed in these notes -
Note.252364.1 Functional Differences Between Generic Connectivity and Database Gateways
Note.232482.1 Gateway and Generic Connectivity Licensing Considerations

The following note has information about the desupport of earlier gateway versions -

Note.549796.1 Desupport of Oracle Transparent Gateways
Note.353723.1 Oracle Transparent Gateway for iWay
Note.353728.1 Oracle Transparent Gateway for INGRES
Note.353725.1 Oracle Transparent Gateway for Rdb
Note.353729.1 Oracle Transparent Gateway for RMS
Note.417250.1 Oracle Transparent Gateway for INFORMIX
Note.417253.1 Oracle Transparent Gateway for SYBASE
Note.417254.1 Oracle Transparent Gateway for MS SQL Server
Note.417251.1 Oracle Transparent Gateway for TERADATA
Note.420436.1 Oracle Transparent Gateway for DRDA - SNA Support desupport
Note.559947.1 Oracle Access Manager for AS/400
Note.559948.1 Oracle Transparent Gateway for DB2/400

Oracle's Software Error Correction Support policy document is available in this note -

Note.209768.1 Database, FMW, EM Grid Control, and OCS Software Error Correction Support Policy

Oracle's Lifetime Support Policy document is available here:

For information about the Gateway support policy refer to the section -

Oracle Gateway Release's

The certification matrix for the 11.1 and 11.2 Gateways is now available on OTN from the following URL -

then -

Database Gateways Certification Matrix (PDF)
Mainframe Database Gateways Certification Matrix (PDF)
Legacy Database Gateways Certification Matrix (PDF)

Please note that the Legacy Gateways -

can no longer be ordered. They will still be available on install media but will be decommissioned.

2. Downloading Gateway Products

Before trying to download a Gateway please refer to the certification matrix to make sure it is available for your platform and version.

Oracle Gateway products can be downloaded from the following -

1. Oracle Technology Network - OTN -

Choose the relevant platform and version then the 'See All' option.
Under that there will be an option to download the Gateway products, for example -

Oracle Database Gateways 11g Release 2 ( for Microsoft Windows (32-bit)

Please note that only 11.2 versions of the Gateway products are available on Windows 64-bit.  The earlier versions are not available on that platform.

2. Oracle Software Delivery Cloud

- go through the Terms & Restriction proces
- on the next screen ' Media Pack Search' screen choose -
 Select a Product Pack - Oracle database
- then choose your platform
- choose the 'Oracle database' media pack for the version you need - 11.1 or 11.2
- on the next screen there will be a gateway media pack to download.

The following note has links to a video showing how to download gateways -

Note.1279746.1 Where Can I Find And Download the Latest Gateways Available From Oracle?

3. My Oracle Support - and

The  and versions of the gateways are included in the Oracle Database patch sets 10098816 and 10404530.
Starting with the patch set, Oracle Database patch sets are full installations of the Oracle Database software. This means that you do not need to install a release of a gateway  before installing the or versions. The later versions can be installed in completely separate ORACLE_HOME directories from any existing installs.
To download the latest gateways -

- logon to My Oracle Support
- go to Patches & Updates section
- search for patch number 10404530 and choose your platform
- click on the patch number
- for most platforms for the gateways you only need to download -
for example -
but for Windows 32-bit this is -

To confirm which file is needed for the Gateways review the 'README' file which details which download files contain which software.

The patch is also available for some platforms and can be found as patch 10404530 on My Oracle Support.

3. Installation and Configuration

The installation and configuration for each gateway is described in the documentation.
This is available from -

Click on the version required - 11.1 or 11.2  - then 'View Library'
The Gateway documentation is available from the 'Information Integration' option under the 'Heterogeneous Connectivity' heading.

The following note gives an overview of the Gateway install process -

Note.1351618.1 Installation Overview For Oracle Database Gateway Products

There are also notes available in My Oracle Support (MOS) to help with the install and configuration -

- logon to MOS -

- Knowledge tab
- Oracle Database Products
- Oracle Database
- Gateways
- then choose the relevant gateway

Examples are -

Note.437374.1 How to Configure DG4MSQL (Oracle Database Gateway for MS SQL Server) Release 11 on Linux x86 32bit post install
Note.466267.1 How to Configure DG4MSQL (Database Gateway for MS SQL Server) on Windows 32bit post install
Note.562509.1 How to Configure DG4MSQL (Oracle Database Gateway for MS SQL Server) 64bit Unix OS (Linux, Solaris, AIX,HP-UX) post install
How to Configure DG4MSQL (Database Gateway for MS SQL Server) on a 64bit Windows post install
Note.466228.1 How to Configure DG4ODBC on Linux x86 32bit to Connect to Non-Oracle Databases post install
Note.561033.1 How to Configure DG4ODBC on 64bit Unix OS (Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX) to Connect to Non-Oracle Databases Post Install
Note.466225.1 How to Configure DG4ODBC (Oracle Database Gateway for ODBC) on Windows 32bit to Connect to Non-Oracle Databases Post Install
Note.1266572.1 How to Configure DG4ODBC (Oracle Database Gateway for ODBC) on 64bit Windows Operating Systems to Connect to Non-Oracle Databases Post Install
Note.945879.1 How to Setup DG4DRDA (Oracle Database Gateway for DRDA) Release 11.2 on Unix (Linux, AIX, HP-UX Itanium and Solaris) to Connect to DB2
Note.1086359.1 How to Setup DG4DRDA (Oracle Database Gateway for DRDA) on Windows x86 (32bit and 64bit) to Connect to DB2
Note.437689.1 How to Setup DG4IFMX (Oracle Database Gateway for Informix) Release 11 on Linux
Note.437696.1 How to Setup DG4SYBS (Oracle Database Gateway for Sybase) Release 11 on Linux
Note.554402.1 How to Setup DG4TERA (Oracle Database Gateway for TeraData) on Windows 32bit
Note.823534.1 How to Setup DG4Tera (Oracle Database Gateway for TeraData) on 64bit Unix
Note.437680.1How to Setup DG4Tera (Oracle Database Gateway for TeraData) Release 11 on Linux
Note.467947.1Setting up Legacy Gateways DG4ADABAS, DG4VSAM, DG4IMS)
Note.564299.1 How to Install DG4MQ on Linux

but new notes are continually being added.

The following notes have details of a configuration utility for the relevant gateway -

Note.1274157.1 Gateway Configuration Utility for Database Gateway For SQL Server
Note.1274143.1 Gateway Configuration Utility for Database Gateway for ODBC - DG4ODBC - to Connect to Non-Oracle Databases For Example - DB2, SQL*Server, Sybase, Informix, MySQL
Note.1286444.1 Gateway Configuration Utility for Database Gateway for DRDA - DG4DRDA - to Connect to DB2
Note.1286435.1 Gateway Configuration Utility for Database Gateway for Sybase

4. Troubleshooting

The following note details some of the common errors and solutions for Gateway issues -

Note.234517.1 How to Resolve Common Errors Encountered while using Transparent Gateways or Generic Connectivity

The following note details causes of some ORA-7445 errors -

Note.1420697.1 ORA-7445 Error Messages Using an Oracle Database Gateway (DG4DRDA, DG4IFMX, DG4MSQL, DG4ODBC, DG4SYBS, DG4TERA)

If you need to raise a service request with Oracle Support then the following information is needed to help speed up resolution -

- name and full version of the gateway being used
- platform and version where the gateway is installed
- version of the Oracle RDBMS being used to access the gateway
- name and full version of the non-Oracle data source being accessed
- configuration files and information -
gateway listener.ora
gateway init<sid>.ora
create database link statement
- statement causing the error
- full error being received from SQLPLUS when running the problem statement
- a gateway debug trace file from running the problem statement. This is created by adding the following to the gateway init<sid..ora file -
and running the problem statement from a new session. It is not necessary to stop and start the listener for this to take effect.
- note that for DG4DRDA 11.1 there is a different procedure for setting up debug tracing which is described in the documentation and also in these notes -
Note.221136.1 How To Trace DRDA Gateway (TG4DRDA or DG4DRDA) On Unix platforms
Note.428387.1 How To Trace The Transparent Gateway For DRDA (TG4DRDA) On Windows Platforms

Common Gateway error messages are -

ORA-28545 error diagnosed by Net8 when connecting to an agent
ORA-28500 connection from ORACLE to a non-Oracle system returned this message:
ORA-02063 preceding <str> from <name>
ORA-28511 lost RPC connection to heterogeneous remote agent using
ORA-02085 database link %s connects to %s
ORA-02062 distributed recovery received DBID <num>, expected <num >
ORA-02019 connection description for remote database not found
ORA-28513 internal error in heterogeneous remote agent
ORA-28500 connection from ORACLE to a non-Oracle system returned this message

5. Alerts

Alert notes for Gateway products are available in My Oracle Support.
To access alert notes do the following -

- logon to My Oracle Support
- choose the Knowledge tab
- In 'Knowledge Articles' click the pencil icon
- in the 'Product' option enter - gateway
- choose the gateway you want to see
- a list will be displayed if there is an alert
- there will also be a list of recently updated articles for the gateway

Who to contact for more information?

Gateway information is available from My Oracle Support (MOS) -

- Knowledge tab
- make sure you have enabled 'Browse Knowledge' in Customize
- in 'Find a Product by Name' enter 'gateway' - without the quotes
- then choose the relevant gateway
- continue in the 'What do you want to do' section

There is a My Oracle Support Database Gateways Community, a place to collaborate with peers in the industry and with Oracle experts which is live now at:

There is also an Oracle Technology Network forum available at -


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