Oracle Support Master Note for Streams Setup Scripts (Doc ID 789445.1)

Master Note for Streams Setup Scripts (Doc ID 789445.1)

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     Initial Setup
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Applies to:

Oracle Server - Enterprise Edition - Version: to - Release: 10.1 to 11.2
Information in this document applies to any platform.
Oracle Server Enterprise Edition - Version: to 

What is being announced?

This note is a compilation of various types of streams replication setup scripts . The master index note provides links to scripts that are to be used as sample scripts . User needs to make all the required changes according to their requirements.
These scripts are to be used by DBAs and application developers to setup streams replication.
This sample code is provided for educational purposes only and not supported by Oracle Support Services. It has been tested internally, however, and works as documented. We do not guarantee that it will work for you, so be sure to test it in your environment before relying on it.
Proofread this sample code before using it! Due to the differences in the way text editors, e-mail packages and operating systems handle text formatting (spaces, tabs and carriage returns), this sample code may not be in an executable state when you first receive it.

Check over the sample code to ensure that errors of this type are corrected.

Initial Setup

Note: 786528.1 How to Create STRMADMIN User and Grant Privileges
Note: 259688.1 Grant Streams Administrator User Privileges using DBMS_STREAMS_AUTH Package
Note: 418755.1 10gR2 Streams Recommended Configuration
Note: 413353.1 10.2 Best Practices For Streams in RAC environment
Note: 335516.1 Streams Performance Recommendations
Note: 782541.1 Streams Replication Supplemental Logging Requirements
Note: 437838.1 Streams Specific Patches
Note: 789500.1 Streams Table Level Replication Setup Script
Note: 301431.1 How To Setup One-Way Schema Level Streams Replication
Note: 459922.1 How To Setup Database Level Streams Replication
Note: 471845.1 Streams Bi-Directional Setup
Note: 462102.1 Hub and Spoke Streams Replication Setup between 3 Databases
Note: 753158.1 How To Configure Streams Real-Time Downstream Environment
Note: 733691.1 How To Setup Schema Level Streams Replication with an Archived-log Downstream Capture Process with Implicit Log Assignment
Note: 316893.1 DML and DDL Auditing Using Streams
Note: 382745.1 Setup Tablespace Streams Replication
Note: 864973.1 How to setup Streams replication using DBMS_STREAMS_ADM.MAINTAIN_* set of procedures
Note: 728911.1 Setup 11g Synchronous Streams Capture
Note: 463820.1 Streams Combined Capture and Apply in 11g

Advanced Setup

Note: 784899.1 Setup Streams Replication Between Different Source and Target Schemas with Different Table Structures
Note: 783203.1 How to Setup Custom Rule Based Transformation
Note: 780642.1 How To Setup Table Level Streams Replication with Propagation Subset Rules
Note: 781625.1 How to Add/Remove a column from a Streams Replicated Table using Declarative Rule Transformations
Note: 309575.1 How To Transform a Schema Name In Streams for DML and Simple DDL Operations
Note: 784126.1 How to Transform a Schema Name in Streams using Declarative Rule Transformations
Note: 814602.1 How to Exclude Operations in a Streams Environment
Note: 239571.1 How To Exclude Specific DML Operations From The Capture Process When Using Streams


Note: 335502.1 How To Reinstantiate a Single Table in a Streams Environment

Note: 550955.1 Instantiating Objects in a 10g Streams Using Original Export/Import and Data Pump Export/Import - Example

Note: 551106.1 Instantiating Objects in Streams Using Transportable Tablespace or RMAN

Note: 749036.1 How to Re-Synchronize Streams Replicated Objects Online
Note: 779801.1 Streams Conflict Resolution
Note: 336265.1 Best Practices For Managing Backups In A Streams Environment

Note: 779407.1 Steps To Add An Active Site To An Existing Bi-directional Streams Environment

Note: 753233.1 Steps To Add An Active Table To Existing Streams Environment

Note: 394127.1 An example of how to use DBMS_STREAMS_TABLESPACE_ADM.CLONE_TABLESPACE

Note: 259609.1 Script to Prevent Excessive Spill of Message From the Streams Buffer Queue To Disk


 Note: 394575.1 FAQ on Downstreams Capture


Note: 230898.1 How To Troubleshoot the Streams Apply Process
Note: 265201.1 Troubleshooting Streams Apply Error ORA-1403, ORA-26787 or ORA-26786
Note: 746247.1 Troubleshoot and resolve Streams Capture when it is Paused for flow control
Note: 313279.1 Master Note for Troubleshooting Streams capture 'WAITING For REDO' or INITIALIZING
Note: 855964.1 How to do SQL Trace for the Streams Processes
Note: 729860.1 Troubleshooting Queries in Streams
Note: 422252.1 How to skip a transaction at APPLY site
Note: 275323.1 Minimum Archive Log Necessary to Restart 9iR2 Streams Capture Process
Note: 290143.1 Minimum Achived Log Necessary to Restart 10g and 11g Streams Capture Process
Note: 471695.1 Required Steps to Recreate a Capture Process
@ Note: 421183.1 How To Enable Capture, Propagation, Apply Tracing
@ Note: 472440.1 How to Purge Apply Spill in 10.2


10g Grid Control offers an excellent set of manageability & monitoring features for Streams, and it should be used as the admin interface for Streams. Available externally on OTN.

Note: 784021.1 Managing Streams from Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Release 5 Grid Control

Note: 273674.1 Streams Configuration Report and Health Check Script
Note: 735976.1 All Replication Configuration Views For Streams, AQ, CDC
and Advanced Replication
Note: 290605.1 Oracle Streams STRMMON Monitoring Utility
Note: 761815.1 Determining Latency for Streams Processes at Different States

11gR2 Important notes can also be found from

Who to contact for more information?

For diagnosis and troubleshooting while setting up Streams contact Oracle Support and also upload the Stream Healthcheck Report.




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