Master Note for Oracle XML Developer's Kit

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Oracle XML Developers Kit - Version: to - Release: 8.1.7 to 11.2
Information in this document applies to any platform.


The XDK is a set of libraries, components, and utilities which allow developers to communicate with the Oracle database using XML. Developer's can build and deploy C, C++, and Java software programs that process XML. It also works with and supports the Oracle XML DB, which is a set of technologies used for storage and processing of XML in the database. The standards-based XML functionality includes an XML parser, an XSLT processor, an XML class generator, XML SQL Utility, JavaBeans, and XSQL Servlet.

This XDK master index note provides information on the relevant articles associated with the following topics:

Frequently Asked Questions
How To
Installation and Configuration
Known Bugs
Sample Code

It's purpose it to point the reader to the most relevant articles for a particular area and to aid and assist with searching within these areas.

Further information can be found in the Oracle XML Developer's Kit Programmer's Guide

Scope and Application

The intended audience is for users of the Oracle XML Developer's Kit.  The notes listed are for novice to experienced users.

Master Note for Oracle XML Developer's Kit

Frequently Asked Questions

Note 103871.1 XML Parser for PL/SQL FAQs
Note 103872.1 XML Parser for Java Version 2 - Frequently Asked Questions
Note 102364.1 FAQ for XML Class Generator for C++
Note 313030.1 Where To Find The Documentation For Oracle Xdk

How To

Note 135352.1 How to Read XML File Stored in Clob Column and Extract Data to Different Table
Note 123491.1 How To Insert XML Documents Into The Database And Validate Them Using PL/SQL?
Note 177411.1 How to Identify the Version of XDK Installed Inside the Database
Note 104275.1 How to use XSQL from command line
Note 150210.1 How to Output XML Fragments Via the XSQL Servlet
Note 171901.1 How to INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE Rows Using XML SQL Utility
Note 171951.1 How to Escape Special XML Characters Using XML SQL Utility
Note 240097.1 How to Load a Large XML File(> 32k) Into a Database Table Using XSU without Using Bfile
Note 183487.1 How to Store an XML Document Containing a Nested Structure
Note 566411.1 How to Generate XML Using DBMS_XMLQUERY?

Installation and Configuration

Note 605728.1 How to Deinstall Wrong XDK Version And Install Correct XDK Version
Note 171658.1 How To Install and Uninstall the XML Developers Toolkit (XDK for PL/SQL which includes XDK for Java)
Note 435999.1 How To Install XDK 10.2.0.x ?
Note 453050.1 How to Verify the XDK Installation
Note 317176.1 How to De-install corrupted pl/sql XDK in 9.2 and Install the right version
Note 119095.1 Download instructions for installing XML parser for Java v2
Note 317176.1 How to De-install corrupted pl/sql XDK in 9.2 and Install the right version
Note 377546.1 How to Uninstall XDK/XSU from non SYS schema without Corrupting XDK/XSU in SYS schema

Known Bugs

Note 458266.1 XMLPARSER/DBMS_XMLPARSER/DBMS_XSLPROCESSOR Fail With Ora-29280 And Ora-31001
Note 1115704.1 ORA-29532: Java Call Terminated By Uncaught Java Exception: Java.Lang.Outofmemoryerror
Note 444233.1 XML File Generation ->Error ORA-29283: invalid file operation
Note 456661.1 Ora-29540 XMLParserCover Does Not Exist in 10g
Note 331483.1 Ora-29532: Java Call Terminated - Start of root element expected
Note 784205.1 Using the XSQL Framework with Apache FOP To Produce PDF output.
Note 565787.1 XMLELEMENT Function Returns Strange Tags Used With DBMS_XMLGEN

Sample Code

Note 120841.1 An Introduction to Oracle's XML SQL API for Java
Note 228531.1 DBMS_XMLQuery common functions/procedures
Note 465067.1 Client-side alternatives for Generating XML Document File From A Query


Note 286647.1 How to Set Stack Size to Overcome STACKOVERFLOWERROR
Note 952256.1 Provider Oracle.Xml.Jaxp.Jxdocumentbuilderfactory Not Found
Note 220020.1 XMLGEN API Has Been Deprecated from XDK 9.2
Note 396519.1 DBMS_XMLQUERY Returns ORA-29540

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