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Oracle ODBC Driver - Version: to - Release: 9.2 to 11.2
Information in this document applies to any platform.


This is the Master Note for the most useful Oracle ODBC Driver articles within the Oracle Knowledgebase.

Please advise of anything that would be useful to be added to this note.

Scope and Application

This document is informational and intended for any user.

Master Note For The Oracle ODBC Driver

Windows Installation Configuration Notes

  • Note 66403.1 Supported ODBC Configurations On Windows
  • Note 270216.1 ODBC Patchset Information
  • Note 781054.1 FAQ and Known Issues While Using Oracle ODBC Driver on Windows
  • Note 215255.1 Unable to Connect to Database with Oracle Client Software for Windows
  • Note 111841.1 SQLSTATE: IM003 and Other Common ODBC Connection Problems
  • Note 403021.1 "An Unsupported Operation was Attempted" Error When Trying to Create DSN With ODBC 
  • Note 361325.1 Unable To Connect By Remote Desktop with ODBC Application IM-004 
  • NOTE.308645.1 32-Bit ODBC Driver Not Listed in 64-Bit Microsoft ODBC Administrator
  • Note 334968.1 Connecting to Oracle from within Visual Studio fails with: ORA-12154 or ORA-6413, while Compiled Applications Run Fine 
  • Note 372485.1 Unable to Connect to Oracle From 64-Bit OS With Microsoft's SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)  
  • Note 336693.1 System Error 126 Trying to Create DSN With Oracle Instant Client and ODBC Driver
  • Note 391371.1 Microsoft Vista Non-Administrative User Cannot Connect With ODBC Test Connection
  • Note 858365.1 Oracle 10g Patchset Server Install - Does Not Install ODBC Driver
  • Note 858848.1 Issues using ODBC, OLEDB Drivers on WINDOWS VISTA And WINDOWS 2008 After Client Installation


  • Note.105997.1 Problems Linking Tables from Oracle in MS Access
  • Note.257828.1 Full Table Scan While Quering DATE Columns Using Oracle ODBC Driver
  • Note.403198.1 Full Index Scan in Execution Plan With Access and Double or Float as Primary Key 
  • Note 373129.1 Slow Performance Exhibited by Oracle ODBC Against 10.2 Oracle Database 

Troubleshooting / Programming

  • Note 216912.1 How to Perform Client-Side Tracing of Programmatic Interfaces on Windows Platforms
  • Note 239175.1 Example Connection Strings for use with Oracle Programmatic Interfaces on Windows
  • Note 124117.1 How to restrict the table list returned from the Oracle ODBC Driver
  • Note 742013.1 ODBC Application Using Microsoft ODBC Driver for Oracle Generates ORA-03137 and ORA-01009 Errors in Alert Log of 11g Database
  • Note 759702.1 FAQ: Cause and Avoidance of ORA-1013 with ODBC, OLEDB, ODP.NET, JDBC, OCI and OCCI - including 3rd Party Products
  • Note 752732.1 Bugs, Fixed Versions and Workarounds in Oracle10g 10.X ODBC Driver
  • Note 1092824.1 Bugs, Fixed Versions and Workarounds in Oracle11g 11.2.0.X ODBC

Instant Client ODBC Driver

  • Note.279660.1 How to Connect to an Oracle Database using the 10g Instant Client and ODBC:
  • Note.281743.1 System error 998 trying to create a DSN with Instant Client install:
  • Note.269596.1 Error ORA-12705 "Missing or Invalid NLS" With Instant Client ODBC Driver:
  • Note 398888.1 Setup Routines for Instant Client ODBC Driver Could not be Loaded due to the System err Code 998 
  • Note 290866.1 Connecting Using Instant Client Fails With ORA-12154  
  • Note 336693.1 Cannot Create DSN With Oracle Instant Client and ODBC Driver 
  • Note 960511.1 How to Install The Instant Client and Instant Client ODBC Driver

Oracle ODBC Driver on Unix / Linux

  • Note 404041.1 How to Setup and Verify Setup of Oracle ODBC Driver on Linux
  • Note 363686.1 How to Setup and Run Oracle10g ODBC Driver on Solaris
  • Note 396635.1 On What Unix/Linux OS are Oracle ODBC Drivers Available ? 
  • Note 363899.1 Using unixODBC with ODBC 3.X API and Oracle ODBC Driver for Solaris or Linux

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