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Oracle Database - Standard Edition - Version and later
Oracle Database - Enterprise Edition - Version and later
Oracle Universal Installer - Version and later
Siebel CRM - Version SIA [23030] to SIA [23030] [Release V8]
Information in this document applies to any platform.


To provide a comprehensive list of commonly used OPatch notes.


This is applicable to all levels of expertise for OPatch.


OPatch User Guides


Note 1561792.1 Patching Assistant: Oracle Database/Client
Note 1451669.1 FAQ : Understanding OPatch Tool And Patching
Note 224346.1 OPatch - Where Can I Find the Latest Version of OPatch?
Note 453495.1 FAQs on OPatch Version : 11.1
Note.334108.1 OPatch version 10.2 - FAQ

Note 433218.1 Why Should You Install 32-Bit JDK/JRE When You Have 64-Bit Oracle and Operating System ?
Note 1475077.1 Can the $ORACLE_HOME/jdk and $ORACLE_HOME/jdk/jre Directories Be Removed?
Note 1449674.1 Is It Supported to Update /Upgrade the Default JDK/JRE in Oracle Home?

Note 1446582.1 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Patching Oracle Database Server
Note 865255.1 Best approach for Oracle database patching sequence to latest/required patchset along with CPU/PSU/any-other-one-off patch
Note 1526322.1 11g : Can Examples CD Be Installed After Interim Patches Are Applied On The Base Version?

Note 1530108.1 Oracle Database 12.1 : FAQ on Queryable Patch Inventory
Note 1376691.1 Composite Patches for Oracle Products [Video]
Note 761111.1 RDBMS Online Patching Aka Hot Patching
Note 1463390.1 Limits Of Online Patching

Note 563656.1 Different types of Patch Conflicts - Superset/Subset/Duplicate/Bug/File
Note 1321267.1 Database Patch conflict resolution
Note 1299688.1 Patch conflict resolution
Note 1061295.1 Patch Set Updates - One-off Patch Conflict Resolution

Note 418537.1 Significance of oraInst.loc When Installing Oracle Products and Applying Patches
Note 812874.1 Understanding and Diagnosing MISSING_COMPONENT and/or SKIPPING_COMPONENT messages during opatch apply
Note 551222.1 Why Does OPatch Backup The Same Library Multiple Times?
Note 283367.1 OPatch for Oracle Application Server 10g (10.1.2, 10.1.3, 10.1.4)
Note 403212.1 Location Of Logs For OPatch And OUI
Note 403218.1 Can You Delete $ORACLE_HOME/.patch_storage Directory?

Note 861152.1 Does  PSU Released For Oracle 10gR2 ( ,11g R1 ( and 11g R2( Change The Database Version/Fifth Digit?

Note 1520299.1 Master Note For Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (12.1) Database/Client Installation/Upgrade/Migration Standalone Environment (Non-RAC)

How To

Note 298906.1 How To Repair A Corrupted Inventory For RDBMS
Note 556834.1 Steps To Recreate Central Inventory(oraInventory) In RDBMS Homes
Note 406037.1 Using opatch -report option, how to check for potential conflicts during patch apply without Database / Listener shutdown
Note 458485.1 How to find whether the one-off Patches will conflict or not?
Note 550522.1 How To Avoid Disk Full Issues Because OPatch Backups Take Big Amount Of Disk Space.
Note 749787.1 How to run opatch in silent mode?
Note 821263.1 How to confirm that a Critical Patch Update (CPU) has been installed in Linux / UNIX
Note 750350.1 How To Find The Description/Details Of The Bugs Fixed By A Patch Using OPatch?
Note 729384.1 How To Find If a Specific Patch Has Been Applied On Oracle 8i or 9.0.1 (or 9i R1)?
Note 470225.1 How To Use Truss With OPatch?
Note 312767.1 How to Rollback a Failed Interim Patch Installation
Note 966023.1 How to create a ocm response file for opatch silent installation.
Note 459360.1 How To Do The Prerequisite/Conflicts Checks Using OUI(Oracle Universal Installer) And OPatch Before Applying/Rolling Back A Patch
Note.739963.1 Using AIX commands genld, genkld and slibclean to avoid library file locking errors (libjox)
Note 1394537.1 How To Rollback An Online Patch If The Database Is Down Or Removed
Note 453399.1 How To Check if inventory.xml/comps.xml Or Any Oracle XML File Is Correct?
Note 1474666.1 How to apply OC4J patch (13705478) on RDBMS home
Note 1543697.1 How To Use MOS Patch Planner Via Enterprise Manager 12c To Check for and Resolve Patch Conflicts

Diagnostic Tools For OPatch

Note 1430571.1 Script To Collect OPatch Diagnostic Information For Unix Platform (opatchdiag.sh)
Note 1441309.1 Oneoffsdiag.sh:Script To Verify The Existance Of $ORACLE_HOME/inventory/oneoffs/PATCH_ID and also actions.xml and actions.xml inventory.xml in $ORACLE_HOME/inventory/oneoffs/PATCH_ID/etc/config

Known Issues

With Inventory

Note 229773.1 ALERT Applying Multiple Interim Patches Using OPatch Can Cause Inventory Corruption
Note 401454.1 opatch lsinventory Raises An OPatchException While Accessing O2O
Note 413829.1 OPatch Fails With 'Can not get details for given Oracle Home'
Note 417275.1 opatch lsinventory Reports `Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/xml/transform/Source` When Executed Against 9.2.0.x
Note 417694.1 "OUI-67124:Inventory check failed: Patch ID is not registered in Oracle Home Inventory" while applying one-off patches using opatch
Note 431783.1 opatch lsinventory Result Shows: * Warning: no filemap entries available.
Note 795452.1 OPatch reports Error when using multiple oracle users
Note 864117.1 OPatch error: "Inventory load failed... OPatch cannot load inventory for the given Oracle Home."
Note 821550.1 opatch lsinventory Error: " Unable To Parse The Xml File"
Note 861677.1 OPatch error : "Unable to lock Central Inventory"
Note 864803.1 OPatch error: "Apply Session failed: ApplySession failed to prepare the system. No detail available."
Note 437026.1 ERROR :"OPatch cannot find a valid oraInst.loc file to locate Central Inventory.OPatch failed with error code 104"
Note 728417.1 OPatch Fails With "LsInventorySession failed:OracleHomeInventory gets null oracleHomeInfo"
Note 1086853.1 opatch lsinventory Reports "OUI-67076 : OracleHomeInventory was not able to create a lock file"
Note 876343.1 Patch conflict Error OUI-67301 on due to one off in inventory
Note 1185246.1 OPatch Fails With "OUI-67028:Inventory load failed"
Note 1308866.1 OPatch Cannot Load Inventory For The Given Oracle Home
Note 1475147.1 OPatch - Failed to load the patch object. Possible causes are: OPatch failed with error code = 73 LsInventorySession failed:
Note 1456247.1 The opatch apply failing with OPatch failed with error code 39 :This patch requires some components to be installed in the home. Either the Oracle Home doesn't have the components or this patch is not suitable for this Oracle Home.

With Java

Note 332698.1 OPatch was not able to locate executable jar
Note 417372.1 OPatch Error " java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: ... liboraInstaller.so: ... "
Note 808368.1 OPatch: cannot open shared object file.  Possible cause: architecture word width mismatch
Note 974371.1 After Installing The 32-bit Client Software On SPARC Solaris, OPatch and OUI Fail With ELFCLASS32 Errors For liboraInstaller.so
Note 417177.1 ERROR : "Java could not be located. OPatch cannot proceed!.OPatch failed with error code = 1"
Note 1474852.1 UTE011: Active tracepoint array length for JVM is 7559; should be 7577 Could not create JVM.
Note 1475894.1 OPatch commands error: JVMJ9VM019E Fatal error: Unable to find and initialize required class java/lang/ClassCircularityError

With Pre-Patching

Note 943436.1 opatch prereq checkapplicable Error: "Unable to create Patch Object. Check if the given patch location is correct"
Note 780858.1 OPatch Fails With `Prerequisite check "CheckActiveFilesAndExecutables" failed` And `Following executables are active : $ORACLE_HOME/lib/libnmemso.so`
Note 882932.1 Prerequisite check "CheckPatchApplicableOnCurrentPlatform" failed When Applied Generic Patch 8282506
Note 861507.1 PSU OPatch conflict check fails with "OPatch failed with error code 73"
Note 292946.1 OPatch Detecting Wrong Platform Id For Install Of Patch
Note 404473.1 OPatch Reports Error "OPatch detects your platform as... this patch...supports platforms: 0 (Generic Platform)"
Note 602334.1 OPatch Not Working, Reporting That It Is Obsolete
Note 729218.1 ERROR: "The Oracle Home does not meet OUI version requirement.OPatch failed with error code 73"
Note 257800.1 OPatch: Interim Patch  is holding the lock from this patch
Note 312926.1 opatch apply Gives: Can't Locate English.Pm In @Inc
Note 1050819.1 OPatch Reports Missing Component and Prerequisite Check "CheckApplicable" Failed
Note 869945.1 Zop-40: The Patch(es) Has Conflicts/Supersets With Other Patches
Note 1231223.1 OPatch Fails With Error Code 255
Note 747049.1 OPatch apply/rollback error: Prerequisite check "CheckActiveFilesAndExecutables" failed
Note 1475206.1 Patch <patch_number> requires OPatch version <opatch version>
Note 1629444.1 Opatch Fails Updating Archives with " No space left on device " Error

With Linking

Note 417319.1 Getting Warnings While Applying Patches on Linux x86-64
Note 457126.1 OPatch Aborted After Relink Fails On Target Ioracle.
Note 789053.1 Cannot find or open library file: -l pls10 when applying a patch with 10.2
Note 402945.1 While installing one-off Patch on AIX systems, getting several WARNING messages: OUI-67215 - TOC overflow and/or xlC: not found / xlC: Execute permission denied
Note 1446945.1 "ld: warning: symbol `_start' has differing types:" While Installing Or Patching 11gR2 On Oracle Solaris Platform
Note 1474762.1 WARNING:OUI-67200:Make failed to invoke "/usr/ccs/bin/make -f ins_rdbms.mk ioracle ORACLE_HOME=<path>"....'ld: fatal: file /<path to O_H>/lib/prod/lib/v9/crti.o: open failed: Permission denied
Note 1467060.1 Relinking Oracle Home FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)
Note 1525333.1 Relink error on target iKfed while patching Oracle Client with PSU
Note 1534583.1 OPatch fails to Rollback Patch due to relink errors.
Note 1539887.1 Undefined first referenced symbol ld: fatal: symbol referencing errors.

With Post-Patching

Note 353150.1 OPatch Failing Validation Phase When Archiving Really Did Not Fail
Note 791187.1 OPatch Failing Validation Phase - OPatch versions and
Note 1361802.1 opatch auto doesn't patch the RDBMS Home if no database exists

With SQLPatching (datapatch)

Note 1599479.1 Datapatch errors at "SYS.DBMS_QOPATCH"
Note 1632818.1 Datapatch may fail while patching a RAC+PDB environment


Note 799883.1 OPatch error: OUI-67160 Unexpected end of ZLIB input stream
Note 739815.1 OUI-67294 Warning During opatch apply
Note 553244.1 WARNING MESSAGE "OUI-67078" and "OUI-67620" from OPatch when applying 10.2.X patches
Note 751107.1 ERROR: "Copy Action: Source file <filename> does not exist.'oracle.rdbms, <version> Cannot copy file'"
Note 553263.1 OPatch Reports 'libclntsh.so.10.1 not removed. Text file busy'
Note 563356.1 OPatch error 'file not found' message on 32-bit
Note 1136432.1 OPatch fails with JVMXM008
Note 1066937.1 Apply Patch Fails with 'Patch ID is null' and Error Code 73
Note 1475147.1 OPatch - Failed to load the patch object. Possible causes are: OPatch failed with error code = 73 LsInventorySession failed:
Note 1108834.1 OUI-67073:ApplySession failed: Patch ID is null occurred when applying patch 9352179
Note 803097.1 OUI-67200:Make failed problem while applying a Patch
Note 730754.1 OPatch Gives Exception In Thread "Main" Unsatisfiedlinkerror: Haltimpl
Note 603465.1 OPatch Fails With "Jar not applied ... to $ORACLE_HOME/jdbc/lib/classes12.zip... 'invalid entry compressed size (expected x but got y bytes)'"
Note 1474874.1 opatch apply Fails - Jar Action: Source File "/<path to patch stage directory>/<filename> '<Oracle Product/Componet>': Cannot update file '/<path to ORACLE_HOME>/<directory>/<filename>' with '/<path>/<filename>'
Note.1085753.1 OPatch Failing With Error Code 74 While Applying PSU
Note 402945.1 While installing one-off Patch on AIX systems, getting several WARNING messages: OUI-67215 - TOC overflow and/or xlC: not found / xlC: Execute permission denied
Note 1055397.1 opatch napply Hanging
Note 1244414.1 OPatch throws: Archive Action: Source file "$ORACLE_HOME/.patch_storage/........." does not exist.
Note 1269454.1 OPatch Failed With Error Code 73 Because Session Is Not Able to Create a Directory
Note 1355040.1 Online patching errors: use "OPatch util enableOnlinePatch" to add the SID(s)
Note 1462303.1 OPatch Fails With Error "No such file or directory"
Note 1331900.1 Prerequisite Check "CheckRollbackable" On Auto-rollback Patches Failed
Note 1474805.1 OPatch Log Shows - INFO:Skip patch patch number from list of patches to apply: This patch is not needed.
Note 1476964.1 OPatch Logging "Generic Conflict" Between Sub-Patches Of A Composite Patch
Note 1468097.1 Argument (s) Error ... Illegal File Format For Composite Patch. There Is No Composite.xml File.
Note 1435438.1 Multiple OUI Messages In OPatch Log : OUI-67161, OUI-67085, OUI-67047, OUI-67049, OUI-67048, OUI-67085 and OUI-6705
Note  244241.1 Rolling Patch - OPatch Support for RAC

Windows Specific

Note 390761.1 Using OPatch On Windows When ORACLE_HOME Contains Space Characters
Note 416318.1 HOW TO Use Process Explorer to obtain a list of DLLs loaded by a Windows process
Note 418479.1 Files in Use errors, when running OPatch to apply patches on Windows
Note 791005.1 OPatch permissions problem on 64-bit windows 2008 and Oracle and
Note 1530132.1 Applied Bundle patch 16 (16167942/16167941) but opatch lsinventory incorrectly showing as Bundle patch 15.
Note 1568694.1 OPatch throwing "Unable to lock Central Inventory" on Windows 7

Using My Oracle Support Effectively

Note 732697.1 What Information Oracle Support Need To Work On OPatch Service Requests?
Note 735257.1 What information Oracle Support needs to work on Critical Patch Update (CPU) Installation Service Requests
Note 868955.1 My Oracle Support Health Checks Catalog
Note 166650.1 Working Effectively With Global Customer Support
Note 199389.1 Escalating Service Requests with Oracle Support Services
Note 1194734.1 Where do I find that on My Oracle Support (MOS) [Video]

Generic Links

Note 1454618.1 Quick Reference To Patch Numbers For Database PSU, CPU And Bundle Patches
Note 1119703.1 Database PSU-CPU Cross-Reference List
Note 854428.1 Patch Set Updates for Oracle Products
Note 268895.1 Oracle Database Server Patchset Information, Versions: 8.1. 7 to 11.2.0
Note 161549.1 Oracle Database Server and Networking Patches for Microsoft Platforms
Note 161818.1 Oracle Database (RDBMS) Releases Support Status Summary

Information on Security Patch Updates (SPU's)

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