Master Note for ODP.Net (Oracle Data Provider for .Net)

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QUICK LINK: Note: 1132253.1 - Master Note for ODP.Net (Oracle Data Provider for .Net)

Applies to:

Oracle Data Provider for .NET - Version: to - Release: 10.2 to 11.2
Microsoft Windows (32-bit)
Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit)


This is the Master Note for the most useful ODP.net articles within the Oracle Knowledgebase.

Please advise of anything that would be useful to be added to this note.

Scope and Application

This document is informational and intended for any user.

Master Note for ODP.Net (Oracle Data Provider for .Net)

Master Note for ODP.net (Oracle Data Provider for .Net)

Tips and Tricks

Note 730678.1 Oracle Data Provider for .Net Best Practices
Note 761214.1 ODP.NET Compatibility Regarding 32-bit vs 64-bit OS, Application and Provider
Note 778833.1 ODP.Net Fails to Re-establish Connection After Loss of Connection.
Note 369085.1 Oracle Data Provider for .NET support for System.Transactions namespace

Installation and Configuration

Note 1174787.1 Planned Availability for 64-bit ODAC for .NET Framework 4
Note 781432.1 Considerations Using The Oracle Client With Microsoft Products on 64 bit Operating System
Note 726240.1 Oracle Data Provider for .NET (ODP) Supported Configurations
Note 795602.1 How To Install Both 32-bit and 64-bit ODP, OLEDB, And ODBC Oracle Software on 64-bit Windows
Note 1053922.1 Using Windows client drivers in multiple Oracle client homes.
Note 865708.1 Where to Find The 11gR1 64-bit Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC)
Note 240997.1 Using Connection Pooling With Oracle Data Provider for .Net
Note 832137.1 How to Perform a Silent Install of ODAC

Sample Code ASP.Net

Note 263637.1 Sample using VB.NET / ASP.NET and Oracle Data Provider for .NET to Pass Data with OracleDataAdapter (SCR 1670).

Sample Code C#

Note 245581.1 HOWTO: Update a DataSet obtained from a Ref Cursor using .Net
Note.295100.1 Sample showing how to return results using OracleDataReader, C#, and .NET


Note 1102933.1 Data Provider Internal Error(-3000) [System.String] Using System.Transactions Namespace
Note 433459.1 ODP.NET Error: "The Provider Is Not Compatible With The Version Of Oracle Client"
Note 312298.1 Using Odp.Net Results in The Error " Unable To Load Dll (Oraops10.Dll) "
Note 745005.1 ORA-1460 / ORA-1461 Error Accessing Remote Database When Using Bind Variables
Note 965130.1 Inserting/Updating a LOB Fails with ORA-1460
Note 762710.1 Return Into Clause With a Bind Variable Fails With ORA-3113 or ORA-03120
Note 409090.1 Intermittent ORA-01801 Date Format is Too Long For Internal Buffer
Note 343736.1 ORA-603 ORA-604 when Event 10046 is set or Tracing is enabled
Note 282005.1 Odp.Net Returns Ora-8103 When Using Temporary Table and REF Cursor
Note 780248.1 Ora-24817 When Inserting Clob Larger Than 15 Mb
Note 567142.1 Intermittent ORA-1460 Unimplemented Or Unreasonable Conversion Requested
Note 1057422.1 Is there an ODAC bundle for Windows 64-bit (x64) ?
Note 731811.1 ORA-1012 After Application Running for Several Hours
Note 363026.1 ODP-1000 "Connection Request Timed Out" explained
Note 754255.1 System.EntryPointNotFoundException: Unable to find an entry point named 'OpsSqlTimeout' in DLL 'OraOps10w.dll'
Note 601441.1 Running 32bit ODP.NET on 64 bit OS results in "Could not load file or assembly..."
Note 578855.1 PGA Session Memory Continues to Grow ...
Note 401589.1 Performance Problems Using Clob and Blobs

How to

Note 763301.1 How To Take Crash And Hang Dump Using ADPlus Utility
Note 299972.1 Tracing Unmanaged Exceptions in Oracle Data Provider for .Net
Note 786908.1 How To Use Different SQLNET.ORA Files With Multiple Web Applications Running Under IIS
Note 834861.1 How To Configure An ODP.NET Enabled Web Application Using Your Web.Config File
Note 947155.1 ODP AQ: How to Dequeue an Expired Message from an Exception Queue
Note 760958.1 HOWTO: Test ODP.NET Install Using Command Line Compilation

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