About Me

Current Work:

I currently work in the Sun Java Studio Creator engineering team as the Creator Evangelist. I've done extensive work on the web service feature and lead the development effort of the portlet development feature. I'm fanatical about proper software engineering and loathe and despise hacking (of course unless completely necessary or if my paycheck is on the line. :) ).

Previous Work:

At Sun, I've also worked on the Jiro Technology engineering team as a Jiro Consultant. My true passion is distributed computing on the Java platform. I really enjoyed working with the Jini Technology. Remote class loading is such an adventure! :)

Personal: I live in Greeley, Colorado. I'm very happily married and have four wonderful kids. I retired from the Army National Guard as a CW3 in February, 2006. I love serving God and spending time with my family.

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