No Java 6 on Mac OS X Leopard

This picture says it all!

no jdk6

If you're thinking about upgrading to Leopard and you do Java development on your Mac (at least try to), don't bother.  I searched for hours trying to find Java 6 on Leopard and it just isn't there.  I did install some documentation pack but I can't even find it after I installed.  Honestly, I only bought the Leopard upgrade for Java 6.  There's really nothing else that is noticably worth it so far.  My fan control stopped working.  I have about a 1 year old Macbook Pro "17 with the core duo.  So now I have a hot Mac again. :(  Things actually seem more sluggish than before.  I already had to restart Finder which I NEVER had to do on Tiger.  All in all, as a Java developer, I might have to move off the Mac OS X platform.  This hardware is just too expensive to boot into some inferior OS like Windows.

It could be that spotlight is still indexing after the install.

Posted by karl on October 27, 2007 at 02:43 AM MDT #

My Parallels no longer works either. :( I even have the version recommended by Parallels. I'm beginning to feel like an early adopter.


Posted by David on October 27, 2007 at 03:04 PM MDT #

I just tried Fan Control 1.2 and it works. :)

Posted by David on October 27, 2007 at 03:54 PM MDT #

I hope there is soon an JDK1.6 for OS X.
Is it possible to port Open JDK to Mac ?

Posted by bodo on October 28, 2007 at 10:51 PM MDT #

I just discovered this too - very frustrating. I have Leopard running at home, and was about to upgrade my work iMac but will now wait. I found a CIO article on this here:

Posted by Scott Fraser on October 29, 2007 at 01:40 AM MDT #

Great article Scott! Thanks for the pointer.


Posted by David on October 29, 2007 at 01:48 AM MDT #

The creation of the Spotlight index after the installation takes quite a while. Once it's done, Leopard actually runs much faster than Tiger, even on old G4 Macs.

Parallels still runs on my Intel Mac, it has a few issus, though - no Windows drives in the Mac Finder, for example.

iCalamus is the only app that I have that really is not Leopard compatible, but the developers promised an update.

Java 6: Well, Apple NEVER announced the availability of Java 6 for the initial version of Leopard, did they? They never announced Java 6 for OS X at all. I can forgive their delays in making a new Java version available. What I cannot forgive them is their closed door-non communication policy. They don't play well with others and you just cannot plan with Apple.

Posted by Winni on October 31, 2007 at 12:04 PM MDT #

Thanks Karl and Winni! I think the initial startup did cause indexing and that's perhaps some of the delays I saw.

Other issues:

\* My X11 version of OpenOffice seems to be running weird as well.
\* They took away the Preview window in iCal. :( I really used that.

I've finally found information on my Core Duo and how it's only running 32 bit instead of the Core 2 Duo 64 bit. I wish I could really confirm this. I did try to run Java 5 with -D64 and it said it couldn't start in 64. Does someone have a definite answer on this? I got this machine about 1 year ago before the Core 2 Duo's were out.


Posted by David on October 31, 2007 at 02:13 PM MDT #

I upgraded on Saturday, 1 day after the Leopard launch. Some work related java applets aren't working anymore, nor is my VPN client.. this is really upsetting. I am a java developer and use my mac for support.. this isn't fun.

Posted by Antonio on November 01, 2007 at 01:59 PM MDT #

Apple seeded Java SE 6 version 1.6.0_01 today. I think that's great news and makes a first choice for Java developers again. It runs on all 64bit Intels. Very cool..

Posted by Nikolai Manek on December 19, 2007 at 01:45 AM MST #

Wow! Thanks Nikolai. Here are the system requirements.

System Requirements

Java SE 6 Developer Preview 8 requires:

\* A 64-bit capable Intel-based Mac (Core 2 Duo, Xeon)
\* Mac OS X v10.5.1 or later

This release is only for Mac OS X v10.5.1 and later, and should not be installed on earlier versions of Mac OS X. This release is for 64-bit Intel-based Macs only and cannot run on PowerPC-based or 32-bit Intel-based Macs.

Bummer! I only have a Core Duo not a Core 2. :( Anyway, I'm very very happy to see this. Now I need a new machine though. Thanks Apple!

Posted by David on December 19, 2007 at 11:17 AM MST #

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