Oracle CloudWorld 22: The Unthinkable Becomes the Unmissable

July 20, 2022 | 3 minute read
Patrick Wheeler
Vice President, Product Management, Oracle Database
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It’s interesting to reflect on how so many “absolutes” have been demolished in the past few years:

  • Oracle always holds its annual conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco
  • It happens every year without fail
  • Everyone knows that it’s called OracleOpen World

Scene from OOW14 on Howard Street, San Francisco

Then, of course, within a few short weeks, it all became unthinkable:

  • I couldn’t imagine meeting my co-workers in person, let alone customers
  • I couldn’t imagine getting on the Caltrain to a conference in San Francisco, far less a plane to Las Vegas
  • And even if I could somehow teleport myself there, I couldn’t imagine that any of you would want to meet me

Roll forward to summer of '22, and somewhat ironically, we’ve taken “Open” out of the name of our conference, just as we open it up again. It’s back, but with a twist–several of them, in fact. 

  • Now it’s called Oracle CloudWorld
  • It’s going to be held in Las Vegas at Caesar’s Forum and the Venetian
  • Appropriate, that: I’ll be flying above the clouds to get there. (No Caltrain service from Belmont to Las Vegas!)
  • We’re going to be meeting in person again!

New Badges

I’m finding that these changes are keeping me on my toes. The conference promises to be an intriguing mix of old and new. There was a comfortable familiarity about doing this at Moscone every year. Even while the Moscone Center itself was undergoing renovations, there were few major surprises. Many things remained the same, year after year. Rumor has it that someone resembling me inadvertently pulled a badge from a prior year from his top drawer on a Thursday morning–you know, the one that happens after Wednesday evening–and got away with it undetected. (I am advised that the statute of limitations has expired on that particular alleged transgression.) It’s not going to work this time. 

Badge from OOW19

Oh, yes. Our badges are going to be new. 

But that’s not all. 


Details of some of the exciting changes for this conference have been redacted from this post. (I was going to let a few of the plans leak, but they sent me pictures of the gulag and I reconsidered.) What I can tell you is that many of the perennial favorites will be coming back:

  • Keynotes and general sessions of course
  • Hands-on labs (revamped in our fabulous new LiveLabs infrastructure)
  • Executive briefings
  • Demo grounds
  • Hospitality events (and here I must remain coy)

Larry Ellison Keynote OOW14

Of course, we have a load of new content for you, because we have a load of new features to write the content about. The session catalog provides a full listing of topics, with some handy filters for things like session type, level, job role or industry. If you’ll forgive a little self-promotion, I’m due to deliver two sessions:

  • How to Build an Analytics Solution in 30 Minutes [LRN1512]
    (Hint: You’d better start with Autonomous Database, and then proceed with the built-in tool suite.)
  • Oracle Database Multitenant—the Latest and Greatest Features [LRN1488]
    (Psst. We have per-PDB Data Guard now. And more. Pass it on.)
  • ...and there will be hands-on labs for both

Stop by and say hi. 

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Patrick Wheeler

Vice President, Product Management, Oracle Database

It's a cliché, but it's a good one: "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts." I am responsible for product management of a portfolio of products that individually lead the industry in their respective sectors. These include Oracle Multitenant, Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle Enterprise Data Quality and Oracle Essbase. Collectively, these are synthesized into Oracle Autonomous Database, a next-gneration self-managing and fully-functional database cloud service. 

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