New Autonomous Data Warehouse Enhancements to Streamline Data Preparation and Sharing for Analytics

October 18, 2022 | 3 minute read
Marty Gubar
Director Product Management
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Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) introduces new capabilities that allow organizations to do more with their data. Do more collaboration by sharing data using open-source Delta Sharing protocol and business models using in-database Analytic Views.  Do more data integration using enhanced, analyst-friendly Database Tools. Do more discovery across ADW and data lakes using Excel and Oracle SQL. And, do more timely analytics with accelerators for E-Business Suite, Fusion, and NetSuite that provide ready-to-use data models, KPIs and data integration. These new ADW capabilities help businesses do smarter analytics, including enhancements for:

Business Analysts

Business analysts can set up data marts using Autonomous Data Warehouse quickly without help from IT. ADW provides an end-to-end experience for loading data, transforming data, creating business models, and doing analysis. Business models are supported via ADW's innovative Analytic Views which help to standardize semantics and enable better collaboration across teams. New and recent capabilities include:

  • Improved data loading with built-in Transforms
  • Analyze data with a new Excel add-in 
  • Improved built-in analytics for analysis and visualization within ADW
  • Tighter integration with Oracle Analytics and Tableau 
Database Actions transforms
Autonomous Data Warehouse’s built-in Data Transform tool makes it easier to work with data.


Excel add-in
User can run queries on Autonomous Data Warehouse directly from Excel with new add-in.Caption


Oracle Applications Customers

Oracle Application Accelerators offer comprehensive analytical and reporting capabilities with self-service data discovery and pre-built KPI metrics to enhance existing applications. New enhancements include:

  • Oracle E-Business Suite Accelerators offers comprehensive analytical and reporting capabilities with pre-built ETL to enable customers to quickly create data warehouses from Oracle E-Business Suite data.
  • Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse and NetSuite Analytic Warehouse, both built on Autonomous Database, provide end-to-end cloud data warehouse solutions for Fusion applications and NetSuite SaaS respectively.
  • For bespoke data warehouses, Autonomous Data Warehouse's built-in Transforms includes connectors for all leading Oracle and third-party applications

Oracle Application Accelerators

Data Lake Users

Autonomous Data Warehouse is an ideal platform for a data lakehouse. Data scientists and data engineers can work with any data in their data lake using the full power of Autonomous Data Warehouse’s auto scale, industry-leading SQL language, and integration with 3rd party tools and applications. Autonomous Data Warehouse now provides integrated security and access not only to OCI Object Storage, but also to AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage and GCP Cloud Storage.  

Oracle Autonomous Database for Lakehouses

All customers with new collaboration capabilities

Autonomous Data Warehouse announces enhancements to data sharing, so that companies can easily share data both within their company, and to outside data consumers. These enhancements are planned for next year. Unlike other cloud data warehouse data sharing, Autonomous Data Warehouse implements the open-source Delta Sharing protocol so that data can be easily shared and consumed across different technology platforms.

Key highlights:

Share data between Autonomous Data Warehouse

  • Share across companies and across regions / data centers
  • Secure and governed data sharing: grant, revoke, audit, track
  • No replication required

Open-standards based data sharing with Delta Sharing API

  • Autonomous Data Warehouse as Data Provider—share data with any compliant Data Share Data Recipient
  • Autonomous Data Warehouse as Data Recipient—consume any Delta Share from any compliant provider
  • Data share access through external tables

Next Steps:

Marty Gubar

Director Product Management

I'm a product manager on the Autonomous Database development team.

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