Manage Your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Cost and Usage!

July 17, 2023 | 2 minute read
John McHugh
Senior Principal Product Manager
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You know that stressful moment when end-of-month approaches and you have blown out your cloud budget and you now need to explain your cost overrun to finance? You wish you had answers to so many questions. What resources are we using? How much do those resources cost and how are they used? Can we optimize using lower cost resources? How do the OCI resource consumption and cost compare to similar resource cost in AWS? Can we consolidate? Have we orphaned resources? And, who owns what and why?

These are challenging questions and often tedious to answer if you can answer them at all. To help you in this endeavor, Autonomous Database Serverless (ADB-S) has an easy to use, easy to deploy, effective cost and usage analytics application which analyzes cloud resource consumption and reports on daily billed usage, actual resources consumption (cpu, io, network, memory), and daily costs measured against a defined budget.

To deploy the OCI Cost & Usage Analytics app, you will use the ADB App Store portal. This portal is a launchpad to deploy the Cost & Usage app as well as other Oracle supported applications. The ADB App Store installation is executed using your favorite Oracle SQL command tool – SQL*Plus, SQLDeveloper, SQLcl or SQLDeveloper web. Installation is a simple execution of the Oracle supplied install script:

SQL> set define off;

SQL> @adb_app_store_install.sql

The scripts are available on the Oracle GitHub repository Once successfully executed, the Oracle supplied applications are ready to deploy. Connect to the ADB App Store launch pad using the URL returned from executing the adb_app_store_get_URL.sql script, also provided in the adbs-tools GitHub repository:

SQL> @adb_app_store_get_URL.sql

The ADB App Store portal provides an ADB-S integrated, ease-of-use interface for managing the life-cycle of Oracle supplied applications. Installation leverages a pre-configured ADB_APP_STORE user and the low-code deployment of APEX supporting objects for a fast and easy configure and launch experience. Familiar GET, INSTALL and UPDATE management directives are invoked from the launchpad dashboard directly. The ADB-S Service manages the application updates and uploads new applications through user notification and automated updates. In addition to the OCI Cost & Usage Analytics application, other available applications include the Workload Analytics and Reports to analyze AWR data to detect performance issues and the Data Visual Studio application to quickly and easily generate charts based on data in object store or your ADB-S database. More applications are in the pipeline!

Check out how to deploy the OCI & Cost Usage Analytics Application using the ADB App Store launch pad (see demo).

John McHugh

Senior Principal Product Manager

John is a Senior Principal Product Manager on the Autonomous Database development team.

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