Essbase 21c RCU Database Password Expired

May 15, 2023 | 1 minute read
Ashish Jain
Senior Principal Product Manager, Autonomous Database
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When deploying Essbase 21c on OCI Marketplace or Independent Deployment, an RCU database is configured. This RCU database requires a password, which may expire if configured to do so. If this is the case, the RCU database password needs to be reset


When the RCU database password expires, one of the symptoms could be that end users are not able to log into the Essbase Web UI. When this is reported to the Essbase admin, the Essbase Admin should check the essbase_server1.out log for the following error:

The DBMS driver exception was: ORA-28001: the password has expire


To reset the RCU database password, follow the official Essbase documentation

Marketplace Stack Deployment

Independent Deployment


Essbase 21c deployments include configuring an RCU database, which the password can expire if configured to do so. If the Essbase Admin does not change the RCU database password before it expires, end users may not be able to log onto the Essbase Web UI. The Essbase Admin can confirm that the login issue is related to the RCU database password expired by checking the essbase_server1.out log. Once the root cause has been identified - that the RCU database password expired, follow the documentation links above to correct or reset the RCU database password. Once the password has been changed, check that the Essbase Web UI login access is successful.

Ashish Jain

Senior Principal Product Manager, Autonomous Database

Product manager responsible for Essbase, both cloud and on-premises including Exalytics. The current focus is on building the next generation data managment capabilities on the Autonomous platform.

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