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January 28, 2022 | 2 minute read
Marty Gubar
Director Product Management
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Everyone (well, geeks like me) likes to get hands on experience using technology. Oracle LiveLabs is designed for just that purpose.  There are hundreds of workshops across a variety of topics.  You can run these workshops in your own cloud account - and in many cases LiveLabs will provide an environment for you free of charge (it's known as Green Button environments).

We've created a curated list of Autonomous Database workshops that we think are a great way to get started with service. The workshop series is called Get Started with ADB series (  It includes topics like:

  • Get started in 15 minutes - from provisioning to insights
  • Load data from different types of sources
  • Use self-service analytics to discover insights
  • Apply machine learning, graph and spatial analytics to real life use cases
  • Secure your data
  • Put it all together with an end-to-end solution that integrates ADB with a data lake, helps you understand customer behavior, predicts churn and creates localized offers using tailored recommendations

There are a dozen getting started workshhops in all.  And, when you find a topic of interest - drill down using the many other LiveLabs that are in the library.

ADB LiveLabs


Marty Gubar

Director Product Management

I'm a product manager on the Autonomous Database development team.

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