Building Intelligence into Modern Applications: Simplifying the Architecture

April 8, 2022 | 2 minute read
Marty Gubar
Director Product Management
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All organizations want need to build intelligence into their applications (want is so 1990s). The question is how – especially when application data is distributed across multiple microservices’ data stores. Every microservice has some type of data store (relational, document, NoSQL, etc.) – optimized for its particular use case. Analytics require a broad view of data – which can be complicated when that view requires data extraction and consolidation from each microservice. After deriving those insights, you must capitalize on them by enhancing the application to improve the customer experience (or other KPI). The loop must be closed.

Check out this demonstration which illustrates how Autonomous Database (ADB) – a converged data store – can solve these challenges. The use case is Oracle MovieStream – a fictitious on-line movie streaming service:

  • the MovieStream application is powered by ADB’s built-in JSON document store – which services the Vue.js-based application thru simple REST (or MongoDB) APIs
  • ADB’s machine learning and spatial analytics is used to predict customer churn and then make localized offers to enhance their experience
  • SQL analytics is used to query across the JSON document store, sales transactions, and customer data - allowing analysts to use Oracle Analytics Cloud dashboards (or any other SQL-based application) to analyze trends, find anomalies and more
  • ADB’s sophisticated graph algorithms and analytic SQL provide individualized recommendations based on customer viewing patterns

As you will see, ADB not only stores data in different formats - but it also has specialized algorithms that are optimized for each data type. You will also benefit from ADB's support for non-functional requirements, including security, scalability, high availability, monitoring, and more.

Merging the individual microservice data stores into the converged Autonomous Database results in a drastically simplified, lower cost solution. It's agile; responding to customer behavior and feeding insights into the application is immediate.

You can try for yourself much of what you see in this application using Live Labs.  Have fun!

Marty Gubar

Director Product Management

I'm a product manager on the Autonomous Database development team.

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