Autonomous Database Newsletter - August 5, 2021

August 9, 2021 | 6 minute read
Keith Laker
Senior Principal Product Manager
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August 09, 2021

Autonomous Database Shared development and product management teams are pleased to announce the following updates:

  1. Automatic Partitioning
  2. Changing Concurrency Levels
  3. Changes to wallet README
  4. View Patch Details
  5. Early Access To Patches
  6. Global Leaders Update
  7. New Customer Profiles

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NEW - ADB Now Provides Automatic Partitioning For Tables And Indexes

Data security icon

Automatic partitioning analyzes and automates partition creation for tables and indexes of a specified schema to improve performance and manageability in Autonomous Database. Automatic partitioning, when applied, is transparent and does not require any user interaction or maintenance.



DOC: Manage Automatic Partitioning on Autonomous Database, click here

DOC: Configure Automatic Partitioning, click here




NEW: Change MEDIUM Service Concurrency Limit from Service Console

Oracle Graph logo

Suppose your application requires a customized concurrency limit not available with the predefined services. In that case, you can modify the concurrency limit for the MEDIUM service from the Autonomous Database Service Console or using PL/SQL procedures.

Console UI to change MEDIUM Service concurrency limit


DOC: Change MEDIUM Service Concurrency Limit, click here.




NEW: Links To Developer Tools Now In Wallet README File

icon for Autonomous Database tools

The wallet README file includes links for Autonomous Database tools and resources, including Database Actions, Graph Studio, Oracle Application Express, Oracle Machine Learning Notebooks, Autonomous Database Service Console, and SODA drivers.



DOC: Overview of Wallet README file, click here.





NEW: Database View To List Patch Details

Icon for ADB Patching

You can view Autonomous Database maintenance event history to see details about past maintenance events via the Autonomous Database Details page under 'Maintenance' then click 'View History'. The information listed includes a start time and stop time for past maintenance events.

Screenshot of OCI Console showing list of patches applied to ADB

To view the detailed patch information for a specific patch, use the Title field, for example:


Screenshot of  SQL query to get detailed view of a specific patch


DOC: View Patch Details, click here.




NEW: Autonomous Database Now Provides Early Access To Patches

Icon for ADB Patching

When you provision or clone an Autonomous Database instance, you can select a patch level to apply upcoming patches. There are two patch-level options: Regular and Early. The Early patch level allows customers to test upcoming patches one week before they are applied as part of the regular patching program.

Screenshot of additional configuration menu option to set patch level for a new instance or clone.

The console shows the patch level setting with the section headed Maintenance.

Screenshot of  ADW console page showing patch level - regular or early


DOC: Set the Patch Level, click here.



Oracle Global Leaders Event Replay logo

REGISTER: Oracle Cloud and Autonomous Database helps MESTEC lift factory performance

MESTEC’s cloud-based software relies on Oracle Autonomous Database with Azure Interconnect to help makers of everything from cupcakes to submarine parts streamline their operations and raise employee productivity. To register, click here.


15:00 CEST, 2:00 PM BST

Oracle Global Leaders Event Replay logo


The replay for the UK and Ireland virtual event is now available, click here. During this event, our key customers talked about their real-life experiences on projects with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Autonomous Database, and Oracle Analytics Cloud.

Oracle Global Leaders Event Replay logo

REPLAY: Orange moves to Oracle Autonomous Database & OAC

Patrick Nguene, BI Fusion Lead at Orange, will share how they are using Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse to generate complex, high-volume reporting in real-time. He will cover two prominent use cases; essential performance monitoring of IT service activities and expenses claim statistics, speaking to the benefits being delivered. To watch the replay, click here.




Company logo for Old Mutual Company logo for Thomson Reuters Company logo for Provincial Electricity Authority

Old Mutual uses ADB to increase operational efficiency, cut costs, enhance customer support, deliver innovative services, and accelerate growth.


Thomson Reuters rolls out ONESOURCE, a single, unified tax and trade application, on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with Oracle Autonomous Database.


PEA relies on ADW and OAC to help derive essential data insights and support its strategic milestones to embrace a more sustainable future.


The full press release is here.


The full press release is here.


The full press release is here.


To watch recordings of our webcasts, head over to our OTube channel!


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Keith Laker

Senior Principal Product Manager

Product Manager for Autonomous Database and Analytic SQL with extensive experience in data warehouse and business intelligence projects. Worked in various roles, including post-sales consultancy, customer support, and product management at locations across Europe and US.


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