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November 22, 2019 | 1 minute read
Keith Laker
Senior Principal Product Manager
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Quick announcement from our Cloud Team...

We just made a very subtle change to the UI on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console for Autonomous Data Warehouse and Autonomous Transaction Processing. Just in case you missed it: the console has been updated with the addition of a new Tools tab alongside the existing tabs for "Information" and "Tags".

The new Tools tab provides quick access to the built-in development tools such as SQL Developer Web, APEX and Oracle Machine Learning. Below is a simple animation showing you how to find the new "Tools" tab and where the corresponding links take you...

ADB Logo


So if you are cloud admin or a fleet admin this now means that you can access your favorite tools directly on the OCI console without having to open the ADW/ATP Service Console page. Saves you a few mouse-clicks and probably a lot of time!

You can keep unto date with all the new feature announcements for Autonomous Database here:


Keith Laker

Senior Principal Product Manager

Product Manager for Autonomous Database and Analytic SQL with extensive experience in data warehouse and business intelligence projects. Worked in various roles, including post-sales consultancy, customer support, and product management at locations across Europe and US.


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